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Howdy Odd Dog Blog fans!
Are we ready for the fall? I don’t know about you, but the change of seasons always feels like it sneaks up on me.
Labor Day Weekend is this weekend. Make sure you update your business hours on your Google My Business page! Whether you are closed, open regular hours, or holiday hours, make sure your customers know.


• Google finally lets Local Guides upload iPhone videos
Gone are the days of having to own an Android device to upload videos to a Google My Business listing as a Google Local Guide!
… and there was much rejoicing.


• Why Facebook removed 5,000 ad targeting options (and what to expect next) 
Facebook will be removing targeting including those related to ethnicity, religion, and national origin, from the Ads options. Still reeling from the Cambridge Analytics scandal, Facebook is really cracking down on how users can be segmented on their platform.
A big change to Facebook reviews – 5-star reviews are now recommendations 
Another big change from Facebook – reviews are now recommendations for many businesses.
Instead of being prompted to leave a review, users are now just asked if they would recommend a business, yes or no, then propped to leave additional feedback.
It will be interesting to see how this impacts or doesn’t impact Facebook pages star ratings.


Google Search Console query reports now exclude ‘anonymous query’ data from chart total
Another Search Console update from Google.  Now any anonymous quires won’t be factored in the chart total. Google says that the amount of queries removed from report totals depends on the site, Google said: “some sites will have very few unique queries; other sites will have a large proportion of anonymous queries.” It really just depends on the number of anonymous queries your website already gets.