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Get Your Message Across Whether You Have 10 Locations or 1,000

Maintaining the overall brand image is necessary to establish trust and credibility, but your message won’t land locally unless it’s tailored to each audience’s unique needs.

As a full service Digital Marketing Agency, Odd Dog Media specializes in a strategic and cohesive approach to multi-location marketing. We do this by understanding the needs of each market and communicating it in a memorable way while keeping the overall brand in mind.

Multi-Location SEO Services in Seattle

From Our Clients

Our firm has worked with Odd Dog Media for a number of years. We have relied on the team for a host of functions – development, maintenance, SEO, special project support – and have been especially impressed with their responsiveness and appreciative of their demeanor. Odd Dog’s commitment to be a long-term partner with us has been demonstrated time and time again.

Meredith Valdez, Kotter

Without Odd Dog Media, I don’t think we would still be in business. We currently generate upwards of 60 new leads each month thanks to their efforts.

J. DeBruler, Accutint Bellevue

The Odd Dog team are fantastic. They do brilliant work and are incredibly easy to work with. It’s nice having a team with such deep expertise, mixed with excellent communication skills and affordability. I would highly recommend.

Rich Martin, RB Content Lab
Multi-Location SEO by Odd Dog Media, a digital marketing agency in Seattle

Work With Us to Simplify Your Multi-Location Marketing.

Because we’ve helped businesses manage over 3,000 locations, we’ve got the process down to a science. It first starts with your business structure to understand how your business is set up. Are you a single entity with multiple locations or are you part of a franchise model where each location may have a separate owner? From there we get into site architecture, location management, administrator controls, technical SEO and more. As an award-winning agency, we have helped businesses grow from a single location to many, and also operated major campaigns for companies with thousands of locations.

Multi-location businesses can get complex very quickly but we can help you to manage and leverage this to your advantage.

The Right Multi-Location SEO Strategy Will Increase Calls, Visits, and Sales From Your Targeted Audience.

It’ll grow your business by helping it:

  • Stand out from competitors
  • Get discovered by mobile users
  • Deliver a hyper-personalized online experience
  • Increase brand awareness

Don’t make your customers dig to find your business.

Leash the power of multi-location SEO.

Are Your Best Customers Able to Find You?

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From shops with multiple locations to licensed practitioners like lawyers and doctors, our clients put their trust in us and experience real results.

Your ideal customers are searching for you. Make sure you get found.

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Why Work With Odd Dog?

Whether you’re expanding from a single shop to many or are managing thousands of locations, we know having multiple storefronts can get complicated quickly. It’s our job to help you to control and leverage this to your advantage.

When you partner with us, you end up with a cohesive brand message that scales consistently across multiple platforms. No matter where people are searching for your business, our process ensures you get discovered by the right customers in the right locations.

Our team takes care of every step of the process from digging into your website architecture and setting up your on-page SEO to managing each location’s reviews, ads, and online profiles. We ensure each location puts its best face forward and gets discovered by the right customers.

In turn, we guarantee you’ll find yourself with long-term success and a partnership that’s built over time. Now, that’s something we can all get behind.

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Our Process Fetches Results

We don’t just say we’re top dog—our process has provided proven results to scores of businesses.

How we do it:

RESEARCH – We start by digging into your business. From keywords and historical data to competitor analysis, we identify opportunities for growth.

ANALYTICS – After determining what to monitor in the research phase, we set up analytics and reporting to keep track of your campaign. We use this to collect data which fuels future decisions and recommendations.

CODE REVIEW – We look under your website’s hood and check for things like broken links, inconsistent coding, and user logic issues. Our findings help flag concerns that could impede the search process. We’re happy to relay results to your tech team or implement changes on your behalf.

EXECUTION – Once we’ve established a solid foundation, we optimize your website, help build its authority, and identify content gaps.

REVIEWS – When our initial engagement is complete, we don’t just leave you to the wolves. Odd Dog tracks your performance and provides monthly monitoring reports in a way that’s simple to understand.

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