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Our Commitment to Building an Inclusive Company

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We strive to create an environment where all feel they belong, encouraged to embrace what makes them unique. We understand each team member’s unique perspective improves our ability to provide holistic services for our diverse community of clients.

Inclusion, support, and diversity are central to who we are as a team. Internally, we encourage our team members to be their most authentic selves while finding success within their professional roles. Externally, we choose to work with only clients whose behavior and business align with our values, ensuring respectful and supportive relationships as best we can.

Our mission is to cultivate an environment where each employee’s personality, abilities, and uniqueness can come together and thrive. To create a space for listening, learning, and evolving. And to take our learnings and apply them while working and interacting with clients.

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Change Requires Action

Promoting DEI in our policies, practices, and programs.

But what is Odd Dog actually doing to ensure an inclusive and equitable experience for our team and clients? Great question. Such a great question, in fact, that we needed some help answering it — so we contracted with All Things HR for expert, unbiased recommendations on what we could do.

From there, it was a matter of ensuring the policies and practices we have in place at Odd Dog reflect our commitment to DEI. We continue to audit and revise our standards to eliminate inequity and bias as best we can; this is an effort led by our HR Generalist, a member of our team who also acts as an alternate escalation contact for any team members if they find themselves in an uncomfortable or inequitable situation (which we think is an important check on management).

To prevent such situations from happening in the first place, we are committed to requiring regular training sessions on appropriate and inclusive workplace behavior, as well as encouraging related learning opportunities outside of the office. DEI is also at the forefront of our minds while hiring new employees, prioritizing empathy, understanding, and an eagerness to learn as a job requirement for all of our new hires. Additionally, candidates for positions at Odd Dog are evaluated on their ability to add value to our team, rather than “fit” onto it — to celebrate differences in perspectives and backgrounds as a means of growth, rather than hire in complacency.

Further Advocacy

Lastly, to advocate for social and political causes outside of our company, we created two programs for our team:

  1. A charitable match program in which Odd Dog will match up to $250 of a team member’s donation to any cause or nonprofit they’re passionate about.
  2. A “Socially Conscious Committee” to organize value-driven projects, sponsorships, and volunteering opportunities on behalf of the company. Team members are encouraged to join our “SCC” on a rotating annual basis.

While our small business is limited in the time and resources we have to support DEI work at large, we recognize there is always more we can do to establish a company culture that is welcoming to any person who shares the same inclusive values.

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