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First and Foremost a Professional Office...
But We Like to Have Fun.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we help our clients with strategies that reach their target audience and entice them to become customers while also developing and integrating the technical systems to make it all come to life. This combination allows us to drive exceptional results that have helped us become an award-winning agency.

Whether you need a new website design, an SEO company, paid advertising, social media services, or just general marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered.

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Founded in 2008.

We work with clients across a wide-range of industries and business types; SaaS, e-commerce, service, brick & mortar, public companies, one-person startups and just about everything in-between.

An area of specialty for us is in what we consider Local Businesses. These are businesses that get their customers predominantly from their local city/region. Through our 13 years of experience, we’ve created custom-built marketing packages for small businesses that help set the foundation for a successful strategy. We have a proficiency for multi-location businesses and developed technology that can scale to thousands of locations that are currently being utilized by major healthcare organizations.

Odd Dog Media is a certified Google Partner with specializations in Google Analytics, Google Ads Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, & Measurement.

Our Values

You’ll find a set of values posted at everyone’s desk as a reminder of how we operate throughout each day:

  • Client-Focused
  • Build Trust & Accountability
  • Learn Eagerly
  • Praise Vocally, Be Vocally Self-Critical
  • Simplify and Innovate
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Disagree and Commit
  • Bias for Action
  • Socially Conscious
  • Have Fun

Our Main Mantras

Along with these values, we have a few mantras that you will hear when working at Odd Dog.

“Always do the right thing.” In business, the right thing isn’t always the cheapest and we consider that as an investment in our clients, our reputation, and our commitment to offering an excellent service “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions.” This speaks to our belief that it’s our job to invest in thorough training of our employees, and empower them to find solutions, and think creatively. We much prefer our team members to come up with 3 solutions to a problem and justify their favorite, rather than run into an issue and simply ask someone else for the answer. We love problem-solvers.

The Numbers. Because We Are Data Nerds.


Years of
marketing experience


Office dogs
experts in barketing


Cups of coffee
daily to keep us going


Years consecutive
billiard champions


Ad campaigns
launched in the last year


Clients collaborating with
us to grow their business


Number of gifs sent
in the office Slack channel

Times we say
“clear your cache”

Meet The Wolf Pack

Adam Broetje

Adam Broetje


Likes: Skiing, sailing, duct tape

Dislikes: 520 traffic, the Yankees, cats

John Broetje

John Broetje

Sheep Transportation Officer

Likes: Bluey, dogs, guitar

Dislikes: Jammed fingers, soggy nachos

Bryce Neal-Harris, Executive Assistant at a Digital Marketing Agency in Seattle

Bryce Neal-Harris

Client Relations Specialist

Likes: The sound of rain, plot twists, Pinterest

Dislikes: Olives, 1% battery

Talia Zook, Client Success Manager at a digital marketing agency in Seattle

Talia Zook

Senior Marketing Team Manager

Likes: Breakfast all day long, skiing, live music

Dislikes: Wet socks, spelling errors, abandoned furniture on the street

Bridget Myers, a Marketing Coordinator at a digital marketing agency in Seattle

Bridget Myers

Marketing Team Manager

Likes: Eating berries by the handful, walking to work, baking cakes

Dislikes: Plastic waste, QR code menus, self-checkout, stickers on fruit

Bart Drees, Marketing Coordinator at a digital marketing agency in Seattle

Bart Meijer Drees

Data & Technical Lead

Likes: Farmers markets, Crocs, cooking, my own jokes

Dislikes: The Oregon Ducks, slow walkers, Nickelback

Madison Schoenberg

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Likes: Sunshine, podcasts while running, road trips

Dislikes: Being hangry, watered-down coffee, smudged glasses

Keegan Mathias

Marketing Coordinator

Likes: Weightlifting, barbecue, concerts, manual cars

Dislikes: Overcooked food, sunburns, potholes

Lily Noling

Marketing Coordinator

Likes: Oatmeal, cars with sunroofs, real maple syrup

Dislikes: Sloths, fruit-flavored gum, running late

A baby Dante Check sitting on a bench, looking adorable and curious.

Danté Check

Marketing Coordinator

Likes: Making videos, Cambodian food, concerts

Dislikes: Muskrats, sweeping, phone calls with Xfinity

Isabelle at the beach!

Isabelle Boutin

Marketing Coordinator

Likes: Tofu, postcards, colorful pens

Dislikes: Burnt toast, live photos

Danielle Isbell

Utility Wizard

Likes: My sketchbook, traveling to amazing places, Bowie

Dislikes: Wet sleeves, expired passports, fungus

Our Office Dogs Specialize in Digital Barketing.


Wolf Specialist - Ireland Division

Likes: The couch, big stretches, autonomous walks, food left at counter height

Dislikes: Alone time, beard grooming


Belly Rub Analyst

Likes: Toilet Paper Rolls, Endless Belly Rubs, Mischief

Dislikes: Going to Bed, His Own Reflection


Canine Resources

Likes: Towels, chicken & rice, tummy rubs, CEO chair

Dislikes: Outfit repeaters, umbrellas, water, fireworks

Benny & Oliver

Pawject Managers

Likes: Each Other, Pup Cups, Sniffaris

Dislikes: Each Other, Sharing Toys, The Vacuum


Spilled Food Cleanup Specialist

Likes: Lakes, playing fetch, dinner time

Dislikes: Sleeping in, the vet, giving toys back

Ready to Join the Pack?

Visit our jobs page to see if you’re the right fit or send us your resume.

We take pride in providing high-quality work for our clients. We love team members who are passionate about their clients and won’t stop until they have put their best work down. First and foremost we are a professional office, but one that also likes to have fun.

We also believe that people need to recharge in order to be their best. Work while you’re at work, but not while you’re at home.

Join the Pack.

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Connecting to Our Local Community

We’re big believers in connecting with our local community. Over the years we’ve sponsored athletes, nonprofits and served on the board of some companies serving great causes. If you have a community event and are looking for sponsors, please reach out! We’re always interested in being involved with our local community and finding new ways to connect. See below for some of our recent involvements:

  • Sponsoring Adoption of 5 Puppies with Brave Pup
  • Serves on the Board of Local Non-Profit, NuHope Street
  • Cascadia Dirt Cup Sponsored Mountain Bike Athlete
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