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Pay Per Click Advertising

Generate greater ROI with strategic, effective PPC ads

By utilizing the search engine’s paid advertising model, your business can generate effective digital marketing campaigns that drive more leads, higher engagement, and stronger ROI.
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What is PPC marketing?

PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertising is the ultimate way of scaling the ROI of your business’ digital marketing efforts. Paid advertising has outstanding benefits, with results to back it up, such as:

Cost effective campaign types

With PPC ad campaigns, you have the autonomy to delegate ad spend based on your unique budget. With low CPC (cost per click) bidding strategies, keyword targeting and audience targeting can be quite effective while keeping marketing costs down.

Quick, real-time results

Paid ads catapult your marketing efforts directly to the top of search engine results. With more visibility, these campaigns drive more user engagement, and ultimately greater ROI. Unlike SEO, campaigns don’t take as long to marinate on the market before showing results.

A/B testing possibilities

Testing hypotheses has never been easier. Paid advertising platforms are set up to accommodate running experiments so you can get the most out of your campaign, from ad spend to performance and make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Strategic audience targeting opportunities

You can utilize customer lists to develop warm audiences so your targeting is even more effective. Meanwhile, you can reach greater audiences and grow brand awareness by targeting specific keywords or new audience and demographic types.

Improved visibility despite domain authority

If you operate in a highly saturated or competitive market, you may struggle to appear top of page in organic search results. Paid ads are prioritized in results by search engines, which can bump your business up to the number 1 spot and gain greater opportunity to generate leads and drive sales.

Performance that defies standard search algorithms

Search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO) has become increasingly more difficult as search engines have continuously updated their algorithms, driving further competition. PPC ads work around these algorithmic impacts to organic performance.

Our approach to PPC advertising.

We start with research to define, understand, and build strategy around your specific targeted audience with your unique business objectives in mind. Data-driven research is at the heart of everything we do. As we develop your creative and personalized digital marketing strategy, we assess the market share and craft PPC campaigns that are competitive and compelling. We guide you through setting ad spend budgets based on performance forecasting and undergo strategic A/B testing. Odd Dog will always be running a test to find what works best for your business and continue to optimize your ads, whether it’s the keyword match type, bid strategy, or audience targeting. 

We ensure your campaigns are optimized and effective through monthly ad management services, providing you transparent reporting and insights throughout the process.

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Our suite of Pay Per Click advertising services:

Our team partners with you to choose the best PPC advertising platform, or combination of platforms and strategies, to ensure your ads are running in the most effective placements, from search engines to social media.

Google Ads Search & Display Network
Youtube Ads
Bing Ads
Meta Advertising: Facebook & Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Advertising
Twitter (X) Ads
TikTok Ads
Shopping & Amazon Ad Placements
PPC Marketing Clients Served
Managed Ad Campaigns
Avg. Campaign CTR

A Team of Experts

Odd Dog is a full-service digital marketing agency with PPC advertising prowess. We are a Google Ads and Meta Ads partner and take great pride in working with all types of industries and businesses. Work with Odd Dog to achieve your business goals! Schedule a meeting to determine if Odd Dog is the right fit for your business.

Why choose Odd Dog for Pay Per Click ad services?

We provide customized marketing solutions to help businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing goals and succeed in today’s competitive market.


We view our advertising services as a collaborative partnership, recognizing that we cannot navigate the journey alone. Odd Dog will take charge of steering the strategy, yet we value and welcome client participation in the approval process.

Transparent Reporting & Analytics

Odd Dog offers transparent reporting, analytics, and access to accounts. We create easy-to-use reporting dashboards that you can view at any time. We also schedule frequent meetings so we can offer the insights that matter to your business the most.

Maximize Your Investment

Advertising is a large investment and we treat your money like it is ours. You can expect full transparency on where your money is being spent and how effective your campaigns are running.

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