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We are search engine optimization specialists

On the outside, two websites can look identical to a user, yet have completely different results on Google’s homepage. That’s because the digital marketing strategy under the hood plays a bigger role in website performance than you may think. This is where technical SEO comes into play. 

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO gets into the code of your website to ensure it has the best chance of being seen and ranked well in a search engine. This can be the difference between outranking your competitors or falling behind in organic search results.

Why is technical SEO so important for a digital marketing strategy?

Outranking your competitors is the obvious one here.

Less obvious is that often a website will rank well but with the wrong page. For example, someone looking for a service you offer may instead see one of your support articles showing up first. This support article is great at helping existing customers but does a poor job of turning a potential customer into a lead.

It’s also important that your website load quickly and across all devices. You never know what device a potential customer is using or how fast their internet connection is. You want to meet your customers where they are with the best experience possible. Users lose trust in a slow website that doesn’t work.

How do you know if your business needs technical SEO services?

It’s impossible to know without an audit, but a clear sign is that you have a great-looking website that feels fast when you use it, but it just isn’t performing as well as you would like. There’s a chance that some technical SEO cleanup will boost this performance, though there may be more to the puzzle.

Much like taking your car to a mechanic to diagnose what’s really happening, the only way to find out why your website isn’t ranking well is to have a technical SEO audit performed.

Our approach to SEO technical audits.

A technical SEO audit is the initial step in ensuring your website is optimized correctly from a technical aspect. We “send in the hounds” to meticulously evaluate the thousands of factors that impact your website’s overall performance. Our focus includes crawlability, crawl budget, JavaScript, good links, site structure, redirects, server errors, and more.

From this audit, we provide you with a list of prioritized items to address, allowing you to make decisions on what work will have the largest impact on your business.

A word of caution:
SEO companies will often use these types of audits to try and scare businesses into doing work with them. Your technical SEO doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as it does the job of putting the right pages ahead of your competition. Every website will have some issues that show up on these reports, so don’t fret about being perfect.

With the prioritized list of fixes, our team works with our in-house developers to clean up your website and, most importantly, to measure the impact it has on website traffic and new leads.

We focus on what matters to set your SEO strategy up for success.

Performance Optimization

We address critical performance factors, such as site speed, code optimization, responsive design, and mobile experience, to ensure fast-loading and user-friendly web pages.

Indexation and Crawlability

Our team pays attention to internal linking, sitemaps, duplicate content issues, and logfile analysis; ensuring proper indexation and crawlability for search engines.

Knowledge is power: start with a technical SEO audit.

The first step is easy. Let’s start with a technical SEO audit to see what’s happening and what your priorities should be.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation where one of our SEO experts reviews your site on the phone and discusses any high-priority items that we can easily see.

You can book a time here.

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Why choose Odd Dog Media as your SEO agency?

This type of work requires some pretty savvy technical skills in SEO and website development to ensure your business and website remain running smoothly. Our experts keep you online while digging up the backyard to make sure we’ve buried all the right bones for success.

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Odd Dog is a leading Seattle SEO agency.

As an award-winning Seattle SEO company, Odd Dog is here to help your business thrive online through organic SEO efforts tailored to your business size.

Our team takes care of every step of the process, with your primary marketing goal top of mind. No matter where people are searching for your business, our process helps you get discovered by the right customers in the right locations.

Contact us today to learn more about SEO for multiple locations and to get started.

Experience the paws-ibilities

Working with an award-winning technical SEO agency with in-house experts and diverse industry experience means gaining a business partner that just does things differently, and dare we say, doggone better.

Personalized & Data-Driven

Odd Dog provides a personalized and data-backed strategy to help ensure local customers find your website and listings through local SEO. As an award-winning Seattle SEO company, Odd Dog is here to help your business thrive online through local SEO services.

Transparent Reporting & Analytics

We offer transparent reporting, analytics, and access to accounts. We create easy-to-use reporting dashboards that you can view at any time. We also schedule frequent meetings so we can offer the insights that matter to your business the most.

We Take Care of You

Our team takes care of every step of the process — with your primary marketing goal top of mind. No matter where people are searching for your business, our process helps you get discovered by the right customers in the right location. Plus, we put our clients’ needs first and generally like to think we’re fun to work with.

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