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Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Build a memorable brand story and connect with your audience

It’s now harder than ever to grab people’s attention - and keep hold of it. Branding and logo design are not only a part of your company’s core foundation, but it’s what keeps you evolving over time, driving awareness, recognition, and customer loyalty.
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What is visual identity and why is it important for businesses?

Your story begins at your visual identity. Branding is the idea or image people will associate with your unique business, merging your industry’s available products, services, and offerings with practical, emotional, and specific identity. A brand’s visual identity consists of a name, word phrase, motto or slogan, logo, symbol, color or palette, pattern, mascot, and other visual or expressive elements that bring your company to life. It is more than just a logo – although that is a big part! 

Branding is woven throughout the entirety of your business, from your website to signage to product packaging to social media to presentations to print materials and beyond. It is essential to have a clear visual identity to provide customers with reliability and clarity when making purchasing decisions, to not only choose your product, but pick you over a network of competitors, and ideally, keep coming back for more. 

Your brand identity is the combination of visual appearance, design, brand personality, and strategic messaging.


How does a brand strategy help my business drive success?

A business’s branding identity is its distinctive way of saying, “This is who we are!”

Water is a clear, mass-produced, easily accessible product with an unsophisticated visual identity. Water is a good or product, but it is not a brand. However, you can probably name at least 5 different brands of water distributors and picture their logo and packaging. That’s because branding establishes recognition and product association and purchasing data reveals that people buy the brand of water they most associate with and/or trust.

Your branding and logo design directly impact the psychological element of marketing your product. This allows you to differentiate your business to more strategically target a specific audience.

What is the difference between visual identity, brand strategy, and logo design?

It feels like there’s a lot of overlap, doesn’t it? That’s because your brand is the large, overarching definition of your company that is displayed through various visual and messaging elements, including a logo, and carried out through ongoing strategy and campaigns. These campaigns are unified by the visual identity, that creates a cohesive appearance. Altogether, when a brand positions themselves in the market with a strategic brand identity, they create the opportunity to command traffic and build trust with customers.

The core elements of a complete brand strategy


A brand (that’s you!) is a company. Branding is what helps an audience identify with a brand. Brand identities include telling the whole story through verbal and visual components that guide your whole company.

Odd Dog is a brand – we use dogs as a visual element of our brand to display our fun, capable, and approachable personality. We then meet this unique personality with strategic messaging that aligns with our company’s core values to communicate the services we offer and value we provide to clients.

Logo Design

 A logo is a mark or symbol that represents a brand. Logo design is the process of creating a distinctive and visually impactful mark that represents a brand. Logos can be made up of words, symbols, or a combination.

The logo is usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of a brand, such as Nike or Google. While it’s a significant element, the logo is just one piece of the puzzle to creating a visual identity for your brand.

Visual Identity

If branding is the unique messaging and design that displays a company’s purpose and values, and a logo is the visual mark that identifies your company, services, or products, then what is visual identity?

The visual identity is what ties everything together. It’s the composition of visual elements, from design elements and patterns to colors to typography to illustrations to photography treatments and more. It’s everything a customer sees that makes up your brand.

Branding and design services that are collaborative and customizable.

We believe in the power of design to help tell your story. We also know that all companies differ in design budget and project goals. That’s where we make it easy.

We can customize project scopes with our recommendations based on what you identify as your main goals. Across diverse industries, we craft strategic and high-caliber brands for businesses, designed to cut through the noise and stay salient.

Let us know what you need!

We're a full-service creative agency. Our brand strategy includes:

Brand Messaging & Storytelling
Defining your brand’s verbal identity, with features including the brand story, personality identifiers, keywords, voice, tone, mission, values, and more. We bridge the gap between unique brand messaging and SEO best practices for optimal success.
Discovery & Design Consultations
We create a collaborative space to not only learn about your brand and support its development, but guide you through the process. Through research, data, and case studies, we pilot your understanding of your company’s brand strategy.
Visual Identity Design
Mark your territory with a customized visual identity. The visual identity includes all of the essential elements, such as logos, typography, a color palette, and more, as we also offer custom graphic design services and content design templates.
Brand Guide
We develop and customize a comprehensive brand guide that displays your company’s visual identity and gives you tools to activate the brand in the market cohesively with longevity and growth in mind.

Beautiful, data-driven designs that match visual appearance with strategic messaging to launch comprehensive digital marketing campaigns. That's what we do.

Unleash the power of creative connection. Whether you are a budding visionary just getting started or an established company looking for a refresh, our team is qualified to support your branding and design needs.
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Why choose Odd Dog for your design services?

How we approach design: Together.

From your website design to social media, to print campaigns and ad creative, your brand should build trust by creating a cohesive experience that demonstrates who you are and what you can offer. We can help you to better connect your company purpose, mission, and vision to your services and products by establishing a visual experience that your audience can identify with interpersonally. 

Our creative agency provides custom graphic design services that equip you to maintain branding consistency as your business grows by working with you collaboratively to not only give you a product, but make design and branding more accessible through education and ongoing support. We earn your trust so you can earn your audiences’. 

Whether you’re looking to embed us into your in-house design team or don’t know where to start, we’re here to help.

Research & Strategy

At Odd Dog, we are a full-service digital marketing agency where thoughtful approach and meaningful research are the backbone of everything that we do. With our insight and digital marketing expertise, we create formidable designs that not only represent your business beautifully but also translate and amplify strategic decisions.

Amplify Your Brand Voice

Not only do we create engaging, visual designs that are well-researched and purposefully positioned, but we also present you with insights that accompany our marketing solutions. We help brands amplify their voice and communicate their mission with designs built to usher in and sustain businesses into the future.

Collaboration & Customization

Our team strives to be a part of building your success by keeping your goals top of your mind. Collaboration and communication are key when working with our team at Odd Dog. Whether you are starting from scratch, looking for a refresh, or just need assets to keep your brand moving forward, we create customized solutions and design service packages to fit your unique needs.

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