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What is a Social Media Blueprint?

Odd Dog’s Social Media Blueprint is a tailored, comprehensive guide to navigating social media, researched and laid out with your business’s specific identity and goals in mind.

We realize social media is a challenge for many businesses. You’ve heard time and time again that you’re supposed to be present on social, but it’s oftentimes difficult to know if you’re on the right track or spending your team’s time effectively.

Our Social Media Blueprint is a 1-2 month engagement that kicks off with deep research and analysis and concludes with the presentation of your comprehensive guide to social media. There is no commitment after 2 months as we will create the guide so that your team can execute our strategies independently. We will also outline options for our team at Odd Dog to execute for you, should you like our ongoing support.

Social Media Packages and Social Blueprints in Seattle

From Our Clients

"Their SEO, social media, and blogging knowledge propelled us to higher search ranking, which increased our conversions and web traffic. We're building equity for the future and can thank Odd Dog for the growth of our audience. They also helped rebuild our website to be more friendly for emerging technologies, which has benefitted all our efforts."

Andrew Pooch

How We Do It.

Setting the Foundation

Ensuring your accounts and tracking are setup appropriately and prepare your profiles for growth.

  • Create and set up a Facebook Ad account if not already created. If it’s already created, we will ensure proper setup and best practices are implemented.
  • Pixel installation & tracking to ensure successful measurements in the future!
  • Set up Goals/Events in Google Analytics for additional tracking outside of social channels to determine the overall performance.

Understanding Your Impact

We will analyze what you’re currently doing on social media and the impact of your efforts thus far. 

  • SWOT Analysis of your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the social media space.
  • Competitor Analysis of your top three competitors.

Custom Advertising Strategy

Research, identify and build up to 5 segmented target audiences. We will use a combination of data from existing analytics, campaigns, email lists and insights to build highly targeted audiences to be used in ad campaigns.

  • 5 segmented target audiences.
  • Custom Ad campaign outline
  • Custom Ad examples

Organic Social Content

We will provide a research- and data-driven content outline to be utilized over the course of the next 6 months.

  • Complete Social Media Audit
  • 6 Month Content Plan
  • Recommended verbiage/voice/tone to be used in organic posts on Facebook and Instagram.




Social Media Packages for Small Business

What We Do.

Social Media Blueprint

The honest, dependable Digital Marketing Agency you’ve been looking for.

Digital Marketing Agency for Small Business Integrations

- Facebook Pixel
- Analytics
- Data Tracking
- Website / Landing Page Integration
- Other Systems / CRM

Digital Marketing Services Social Media Advertising Guide

- Set The Foundation For Future Successful Ad Campaigns.
- Build 5 Segmented Target Audiences.
- Create Custom Mock Ad Campaigns
- Create Custom Mock Ads

Social Media for Small Businesses Social Media Management

- Account & Page Setup
- Account Ownership Structure
- Posting
- Monitoring
- Responses
- Community Building
- Content Planning

Blog posts by Odd Dog Media, a digital marketing agency in Seattle 6-month Content Plan

- Minimum 12 Pieces of Content
- Outlined Titles, Descriptions & Examples
- Dates for Review & Publishing

Website Design and Development Best Practices & Hashtags

- General Best Practices To Follow
- Guide To Using Hashtags
- Specific Hashtags For Your Business/Industry

Best Practices & Hashtags
Odd Dog Media Social Media Blueprints

Is Social Media Right For Your Business?

According to PwC’s 2018 Global Consumer Insights Survey, social networks are the biggest source of consumer purchasing inspiration, making it a critical channel for B2C businesses. Adobe Digital Insights weighs in on the topic by citing social media advertising as the most relevant advertising medium for 50% of Gen Z and 42% of millennials; that means social is especially important for businesses looking to engage an audience under 40.

In contrast to SEM and other digital marketing channels, social media marketing also acts as an opportunity for businesses to communicate directly with individual consumers — a rare opportunity in today’s data-driven world. According to SproutSocial, 45% of consumers take to a business’s social media when they have questions or issues with their product, service, or brand. 21% of the same sampled consumers, in fact, would rather message a brand on social media than call customer service.

All this considered, the question isn’t actually whether or not your business should be on social media — but rather how your business should be on social media. That’s where the Odd Dog team comes in. 

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Strategic, Creative, Consistent Social Media Engagement Leads to Lifelong Customers.

According to Hootsuite, the average American spends over two hours a day on social media. That’s two hours of opportunities to engage with your customer where they’re already hanging out. 

Social media has a funny way of messing with a person’s confidence, but it doesn’t have to do the same for your business. By investing in a Social Blueprint from Odd Dog, you can create compelling content, secure engaged followers, and communicate your brand to large audiences on today’s most influential channels. Go ahead, give your social profiles the boost you’ve been looking for.

Interested in an Analysis of Your Current Social Media Performance?

If you’re already posting on Social Media but not sure how you’re doing, talk with us to see how Odd Dog’s Social Media Blueprint package can help show you the data and improve your reach. 

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From shops with multiple locations to licensed practitioners like lawyers and doctors, our clients put their trust in us and experience real results.

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Why Work with Odd Dog?

We help small businesses like yours establish themselves as market leaders through results-driven social media management.

When you partner with us, you end up with increased engagement, a growing community of followers, and an increase in sales. You won’t be posting just to post; your business will become recognized as one with a distinct voice and a brand story that resonates with your audience.

Our team takes care of every step of the process from creating a solid social media strategy based on your goals to content creation and overall reputation management. We help your business stay engaged with your community so you can stay focused on growing your company.

In turn, we’re confident you’ll find yourself with long-term results and a partnership that’s built over time. Now, that’s something we can all get behind.

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Our Process Fetches Results

From businesses with multiple office locations to licensed practitioners like lawyers and doctors, our clients put their trust in us and experience real results.

We don’t just say we’re top dog—our process has provided proven results to scores of businesses.

Paw-tner with Us: How to Transform Your Social Presence

DEFINE – We start with an exploratory call where we establish your core objectives, review what works (and what doesn’t), and discover opportunities for your business to stand out.

CREATE A PLAN – Once we’ve gained a basic understanding of your goals, we put together a custom social plan which includes our recommendations and suggestions for moving forward.

EXECUTE – As soon as we’ve got the go-ahead, we partner closely with you to plan your content, manage your platforms, and monitor results every step of the way.

Because your business is unique, so is our social media process. It all starts with a phone call or message.

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