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Link Building Methods

Effective backlinks & link building strategies to improve your SEO

The websites that link to and within your site matter. As a link-building agency, we execute both a data-driven and creative approach to help businesses create an effective growth strategy for their website’s backlink profile.
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What is link building?

Having a complete link-building strategy is essential to improving where your company ranks on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). A critical part of most SEO strategies, link building is acquiring links to your website from other websites (a.k.a. “backlinks”). When a website links to yours, it signals to Google that your page is a quality resource. These signals play a large role in where your website ultimately ranks in the search results and impact your overall domain authority or search engine ranking score.

Link-Building services with Odd Dog.

Our link-building efforts begin with a deep dive into your website’s current list of backlinks. Once we know what we’re working with, we try to recover any backlinks you recently lost, then explore opportunities in your industry or community. Looking at your competitors’ backlinks, for example, can be a great place to start our research and brainstorming process. 

Our team of experts will work to determine which opportunities are most worthwhile for your budget based on backlink quality, difficulty to attain, and cost. Generally speaking, our link-building services are accompanied by technical or local SEO services to create a more comprehensive and long-term SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for your business.

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Odd Dog is a team of link building experts.

A successful link-building strategy is built on creativity and data. Our team understands the importance of both sides to this service and works to make decisions, provide recommendations, and ultimately build strategies that are unique and realistic for each business and industry.

At Odd Dog, it’s important to us that we build trust with our clients — it’s one of our core values! We believe accountability and transparency, especially when it comes to reporting metrics, are key elements of building this trust. We care about the success of business owners and seek to maximize the investment in their business through our services.

Why choose Odd Dog as your link-building agency?

When you partner with us for link-building services, you end up with a comprehensive backlink strategy that will drive traffic, improve rankings, and provide maximum impact for your budget.

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We view our projects as a collaborative partnership, recognizing that we cannot navigate the journey alone. Odd Dog will take charge of steering the strategy, yet we value and welcome client participation in the approval process.

Personalized Approach

As a team that has specialized in working with small and medium-sized businesses, we understand the unique challenges that many small business owners often face. We are agile and communicative, we prioritize fostering a relationship with our clients to ensure they get the results they want within their time and budget expectations.

Strategy Driven

No matter where people are searching for your business, our process helps you to include strategy-backed content that gets you discovered by the right customers. Our goal is to understand your business as if we were a part of it. Providing you with recommendations based on who you are and what you do.

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