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Elevate your communication marketing with dynamic email marketing campaigns

Send out newsletters, promote offers, and excel in client-facing communication efforts to build long-term relationships with prospects and turn them into customers.
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Is email marketing important in a digital marketing strategy?

Email marketing is an ever-growing digital marketing campaign that harnesses the power of your client-facing communications. Utilizing your list of warm leads, existing customers, and super fans, you gain the best opportunities to grow your business.

Who should employ email marketing campaigns?

Whether you’re a budding startup, an established enterprise company, or a local business aiming to conquer your niche, email marketing is a great way to stay in front of your clients with up-to-date promotions and opportunities. Your length and frequency of communications depend on your unique value propositions, audience type and behavior, and internal resources – something our full-service digital marketing agency helps you navigate by preparing comprehensive content calendars and executing dynamic campaigns for your company.

Does email marketing still work?

Yes! Although email is a channel becoming less glamorized, it still warrants attention and budget from your marketing strategy. According to Hubspot, “87% of marketers say that email marketing is critical to business success. (Litmus, 2023)” with “79% of marketers listing email marketing in their top 3 most effective marketing channels.”  Digital marketing is an ever-evolving landscape, with email marketing continuing to show effectiveness and opportunity for big and small businesses alike.

Why partner with Odd Dog for email marketing services?

Got some lofty goals in mind? Our email marketing services will help you achieve them. Want to boost your brand awareness? We can craft captivating newsletters that’ll have your audience glued to their screens. Looking to generate leads and increase sales? We’ve got the secret sauce to convert those prospects into loyal customers. Our tailored approach caters to your unique needs, ensuring maximum impact.

We’ll help you navigate the broad landscape of email marketing opportunities and platforms and teach you how to produce winning content along the way.

Our approach to running successful email marketing campaigns:

Research & Strategic Planning
We dive deep into your business, industry, and target audience to create an email marketing strategy that hits the bullseye. No guesswork—just data-driven decisions. We start by analyzing any existing marketing campaigns you’ve run, dig into the numbers, analyze results, and use this information to guide our strategy moving forward.
Develop Compelling Content
Our team of creative wordsmiths crafts irresistible emails that captivate your readers from the subject line to the call-to-action. No one-size fits all; we learn your company voice and use that to guide our content creation strategy.
Create CTAs That Drive Results
Your call to action (CTA) is one of the most important elements of your email marketing campaign. What you are saying is only important if it prompts an action. Share information by getting the user to your blog? Drive purchases on a product? It’s all about the compelling and actionable CTA.
Design with Flair
Eye-catching visuals and sleek templates? You got it! Our team of expert designers will ensure your emails look as good as they read, representing your brand with style and pizzazz.
Optimization & Testing
We're all about continuous improvement. We monitor, test, and optimize your campaigns to squeeze out every drop of performance. The result? Emails that get you the clicks, conversions, and high-fives you deserve.
Measure & Report
Transparency is our middle name—Odd “Transparency” Dog Media, heard of us?—Jokes aside, we provide regular reports, so you can track your email campaign's success and see your ROI improve. *Want more from your reporting? We’ve got you covered with customized in-depth reporting! We’ll work with you to design a reporting methodology that works for your business.

Why choose Odd Dog for your email marketing needs?

Our team of email marketing pros knows their stuff. With years of experience and a knack for all things digital, they’ll turn your email campaigns into conversion machines (or brand awareness beasts if that’s more your jam).

Personalized Attention

We’re not about one-size-fits-all solutions. We take the time to understand your business, goals, analytics, and audience, tailoring our email marketing services to your unique needs. No cookie-cutter campaigns here!

Results-Oriented Approach

Our focus is simple—getting you results that matter. We’re dedicated to driving tangible outcomes, whether it’s increased sales, brand loyalty, or sky-high open rates.

Communication and Collaboration

We believe in a true partnership. We’ll keep the lines of communication open, so you’re always in the loop. Your level of involvement is up to you; have an idea or a question? We’re here to listen and collaborate with you every step of the way. More about our unique approach to client success here.

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to email marketing woes and hop on the Odd Dog train. We’ll take your email campaigns to new heights and deliver the results you’ve been dreaming of. Get in touch with us today for a chat, and let’s make some email marketing magic happen together!

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