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LinkedIn Advertising

Improve your B2B marketing strategy with LinkedIn Ads

Collect qualified leads and speak to niche audiences on the world’s largest professional social media platform. Work with Odd Dog Media, a LinkedIn advertising agency, to harness the power of the leading B2B and networking platform with paid advertising.
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What are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads allow businesses to market their products and services directly to over 930 million professionals on the platform. LinkedIn Ads can be particularly effective for ​​B2B marketing, lead generation, recruitment, and building brand awareness within professional networks. Advertise to your audience with direct in-mail messages, gated content, carousel images, single images, and video ads.

Why is running LinkedIn Ads beneficial to your digital marketing strategy?

LinkedIn Ads offers businesses a unique opportunity to speak directly to a professional audience and nurture them through the customer decision-making journey. The targeting abilities on LinkedIn are unmatched: you can target by company size, alma mater, seniority, and industry, among others. This level of specificity results in highly qualified leads. Especially when compared to other platforms like Meta or Google, where targeting options and demographic insights are limited, LinkedIn stands out not only for its targeting options but also for the insight it provides advertisers on how users respond to their ads. This way, LinkedIn advertising allows you to continually refine your campaigns and learn more about your audience.

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Why choose Odd Dog as your LinkedIn Ads agency?

When you partner with Odd Dog for your LinkedIn Ads, you can rest assured that you have an expert on your side. Being one of the more expensive and high-maintenance advertising platforms, it’s important to work with an experienced team to make the most of every marketing dollar. Odd Dog has created and optimized LinkedIn Ads for small and large businesses across several different industries. We stay abreast of algorithm changes, which help to give us a sharp edge, and continually run tests to refine and optimize campaign performance. Our transparency and collaboration set us apart from others. You can rely on us to give you our honest assessments and will go the extra mile to make your campaigns a knock-out success. Get in touch today to learn how we can build and improve your LinkedIn ad campaigns.

LinkedIn Ad Types:

Single Image Ads
Use engaging visuals to reach new customers natively on the LinkedIn platform.
Carousel Ads
Tell an interactive story to prospective customer with an album of 2-10 images.
Video Ads
Advertise your services through engaging videos on LinkedIn.
Spotlight Ads
Gain brand awareness for your product, service, or event with an ad that appears in and out of the LinkedIn feed.
Lead Generation Ads
Get quality leads with a pre-filled form directly in the LinkedIn feed.
Message Ads
Contact prospective clients directly with an inbox message.

Odd Dog is a team of LinkedIn advertising experts.

We take great pride in working with all types of industries. Work with us to achieve your business goals! Schedule a meeting to determine if Odd Dog is the right fit for your business.

Odd Dog’s strategic approach to running effective LinkedIn Ads.

We provide customized marketing solutions to help businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing goals and succeed in today’s competitive market. Contact us today to begin increasing your business’s online presence and show up in front of local customers.


When you sign on for LinkedIn Ads, we immediately dive into the Discovery Phase, aiming to learn more about your company, products/services, industry, and unique goals so that we can build a successful LinkedIn Ads strategy, customized specifically for you. Research is an essential part of this – we review competitors, identify valuable keywords, user personas and any industry specifics relevant to your campaign.

Comprehensive Campaigns

After developing a strategic advertising roadmap, we initiate campaign development. We draft customized campaigns including copy and creative assets, build audiences, and work with you directly to ensure the strategy is an effective representation of your brand and industry. We look at this phase as a collaborative process with data-driven strategy.

Optimization & Testing

Once we’ve launched your ads, we monitor them closely. Advertising is a large investment and we treat your money like it is ours. We run strategic A/B tests and continuously work to optimize your ads. Our strategic approach to testing and optimization ensures your ads are improving and running effectively. Odd Dog offers transparent reporting, analytics, and access to accounts. We create easy-to-use reporting dashboards that you can view at any time.

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