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Captivate audiences with a cohesive online presence

What you say and how you say it matters. Content writing services are essential for creating a cohesive online presence that accurately and effectively reflects your company’s voice and core messaging.
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What is content marketing?

Content writing can have a variety of meanings in the business world. According to Hubspot, content writing is “the process of writing, editing, and publishing content in a digital format” — pretty straightforward. At Odd Dog, we take this simple concept and apply it to digital marketing in a variety of creative ways. Social media content, long-form content (blogs, editorials, or whitepapers), and website copy all fall under the umbrella of our content marketing services.

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At Odd Dog, we take a data-driven and creative approach to our content writing service. If SEO is the goal of your content writing project, we will start by looking at the numbers to determine which keyphrases we should target based on search volume and relevance, then get creative when writing to ensure the final content is easy to read and interesting to the users who read it. 

We also assign a designated marketing coordinator to all content writing projects to ensure you have a consistent point of contact throughout the process. Writing about your business in your brand voice requires us to get to know your business in-depth, so we make sure you have a single person working closely with you from start to finish to effectively communicate your message (without having to repeat yourself).

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What are the different types of content writing?

SEO Content Writing

High-quality website content does more than create a positive impression and user experience for consumers; it can also greatly impact your website’s overall search engine ranking. Content is often a large part of our more developed SEO strategies, especially for businesses without a physical location. 

When we write content to improve search rankings, we target highly-trafficked and relevant keywords for your business and ensure our copy both appeals to your target audience and follows on-page SEO guidelines standard to our industry. This type of content is often published as either a long-form blog post or a more prominent service or location page.

Brand Content Writing

As a dedicated SEO agency, Odd Dog writes a lot of content meant to boost a website’s ranking for specific keywords — but there are times when SEO isn’t necessarily the goal. When building a new website, for example, you’ll need unique, compelling copy for the pages that are meant to introduce who you are and what you do, like an “About” page. We call this kind of copy “evergreen” because, like the trees native to the PNW, it’s timeless and doesn’t change often. 

Whitepapers, guides, or elements of your brand’s written identity (like taglines) are other great examples of brand content writing that our creative team would be happy to provide for you.

Odd Dog is a team of copywriting experts.

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Why work with Odd Dog for content marketing services?

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to content writing. 

Content With More Value

We are not simply looking to fill space on your website by adding content, but are instead ensuring any copy you have on your website adds value. We also have extensive expertise in all types of SEO — including local SEO, multi-location SEO, and technical SEO — which helps us write content to support and amplify your strategy.

Personalized Approach

As a team that has specialized in working with small and medium-sized businesses, we understand the unique challenges that many small business owners often face. We are agile, communicative, and prioritize fostering a relationship with our clients to ensure they get the results they want within their time and budget expectations.

Strategy Driven

No matter where people are searching for your business, our process helps you to include strategy-backed content that gets you discovered by the right customers. Our goal is to understand your business as if we were a part of it. Providing you with recommendations based on who you are and what you do.

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