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Do you know your customer? I mean, really know them?

What are their daily challenges? What are they most afraid of? Where do they hang out on the internet? What’s their favorite guilty pleasure TV show?
The world of marketing and selling has changed, my friend, and brands are under more pressure to target their audience down to the last detail. Get to know them and in turn, let them get to know you.

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Some ways you can really dial in and get to know your perfect customer:

1) Ask. 
Send out a survey to your current client base. Ask them what their challenges were before they found your product or service and how you helped. Look for commonalities in the responses.

2) Answer this question: What problem is your business solving?
Who is typically looking for that problem to be solved. Get specific. Example: Business owners who have been in business less than 3 years who gross over 500K. Single parents who are strapped for time between working full time and taking care of their kids.  “My company helps __________ who are ___________”

“Have a clear idea of who your perfect client is.
Know their pain points and how to help them.” 

3) Google it!
Find the most popular web content about your industry. Blogs, podcasts, news sources, whatever it is. Find the source and become a part of the conversation. Comment on blogs, answer questions on forums, become a resource in those places where your ideal customer is hanging out. Pay attention to themes in questions asked and the people asking them.

4) Use Facebook’s Audience Insights tool.
Within your AdManager account on your Facebook business page, there is a tool called “Audience Insights“. With this tool you can search all of Facebook and break down by area, interest, and even other pages that are liked.
Find a page where you think your customers are hanging out and engaging with.  Note: a page has to have quite a few followers before you are able to see the insights. Aim for a big page to see the breakdown of the demographics. Local mom and pop shoe store to find demographics of people who are active runners, no. Nike? Yes! 

The better you can be at really becoming clear of who your clients are, the easier it will become to market to them. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post where we explore this even deeper!
In the mean time, you can read about one of our ideal candidates here. Client Spotlight: Accutint Bellevue

Stay tuned!
Tip #3 next week: OK, you’ve found your customers. Now what? We’ll dig deeper into the why this is important and what actions you can take to increase your sales and ensure customer loyalty.
On deck: 
Tip #4: Putting your health first
Tip #5: Finding and knowing your strengths
Tip #6: Making mistakes
Tip #7: Networking
And in case you missed it: Tip #1: Be Patient for SEO Results 

Tell us below: Who is your ideal customer and where on the internet can you find them? 

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