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We at Odd Dog have worked with some pretty amazing people and companies over the years. As part of our duty to the local business owner, we felt that it was important to start sharing some of their stories.
Welcome to our first edition of our Client Spotlight!  Our first company that we are going to highlight is Accutint Bellevue. I was able to have a brief chat with the owner, J and got to know more about him and his business.

Accutint Bellevue was not J’s first business. In fact he had already seen success as an investment advisor and a real estate investor before he took ownership of Accutint Bellevue.
J bought a Porsche in 2006 and became a customer of Accutint Bellevue and also friends with the previous owner. The opportunity to take over ownership of the location came about in 2010, and he thought, “Why not?” Having just retired, J began another career as an owner of a window tinting business.

Unfortunately, the business was not booming when J took over. Sales were down and no one as finding them on-line. It was a tough way to learn a new business!
When asked what some of their past marketing successes were, he said, “Without Odd Dog and proper SEO, we wouldn’t have made it.” With a little help from Odd Dog, the phone was ringing and they were being found on local searches. It’s true that Odd Dog helped get customers in the door, but it is J and his team’s dedication to service that kept them there and lead to referral after referral and repeat business.
If the license plate on J’s Porsche doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does. “RT WINS”, which stands for “Right Wins”. J’s philosophy is that doing the right thing will always be the best course of action. Take care of people and they will take care of you. Good for business and good for life!

Now thats’s a philosophy we can all get behind.

Accutint Bellevue is looking forward and has some great goals for 2015.
One such goal is to increase revenue by 20% and offer the staff a bonus when they get there! They plan on achieving the increased sales by becoming better known in the commercial residential industry and really educating top influencers as to the benefits of window tinting on residential windows.
J intends on expanding his team to prepare for the increased business and provide even better service. Some days they can have up to a two week wait time for service and J looks forward to getting wait time down and serving his clients even better.

Thinking about starting your own business? J has some advice for you:
“Get a job in the business. Go to work for someone who already knows the business and learn all you can. Learn the business. Know if it’s right for you. Learn how to run it and manage it.”

Thanks, J for your time! We look forward to watching your business grow.

You can find J and Accutint Bellevue at their website here.
Or their active Facebook page here.

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