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Odd Dog is a pack of Seattle based digital marketing and design professionals, that use our diverse backgrounds to help tell your story and grow your business. And that’s exactly what we did with our client, The Tooth Ferry.

As a relationship-driven agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen, learn and exceed expectations. We value long term relationships over making a quick buck and this mentality allows us to work with amazing clients like The Tooth Ferry. Every business is presented with a unique set of challenges, pain points, and customer base but because we first start every conversation by listening, we’re able to understand your business to come up with not just a data-driven approach, but the right approach for you.

Fortunately, you have us for your needs. Odd Dog Media provides a friendly and personalized approach to ensure your digital marketing attracts the right kind of customers. That’s what makes us a small business’ best friend.

Here you’ll find more information about The Tooth Ferry. Enjoy!

Marketing Pediatric Dentistry

Branding Identity / Logo Design / Website Build / Content Creation

/ Small Business Digital Marketing

Challenges / Goals

The kickoff of this project was particularly unique in challenges and goals expressed by the client. They came to us in the process of launching a brand new pediatric dentist office; this means they not only needed a fresh website, but an original company name, brand identity, and comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Our Solution

As a local, family-focused business, the new branding needed to convey clinical compassion and honesty with a playful and fun PNW twist — appealing to kids and parents alike.

Our team listened, brainstormed, and presented the client with several fun options for a company name … but one unanimously stood out as the best. The Tooth Ferry Pediatric Dentistry doesn’t just check both the “kid-friendly with a local twist” box, but it also contains valuable keywords sure to benefit our long-term SEO and marketing efforts. We let the name inspire the brand, the brand inspire the site, and all of it inspire the marketing strategy. Marketing efforts included digital ads, billboard advertising, and SEO-driven digital marketing — all with the goal of attracting new patients in mind.

Marketing Pediatric Dentistry

Our Process

Powerful branding expresses your voice, story and values in a visual way that connects with your audience and helps build lasting relationships with your customers. From the beginning of this project, our team aimed to get to know the client, understanding the personalities, goals, and values that would inspire the new company brand. Our graphic designer used extensive research, color studies, sketching and digital mockups to create a brand that combines local inspiration, a playful color scheme and modern design. From there, we built a collection of cohesive, complementary brand assets, including a new logo, custom graphics, and new website.

We began building the website by first designing the homepage, making sure the Tooth Ferry’s voice and brand was prominently communicated. As the introduction of their business to their users, we know how important the homepage can be! 

While our designer was working on the homepage mockup, the marketing coordinator on the project dove into keyword and competitor research. The Odd Dog team then proposed a thoughtful site architecture, optimized for search engines and user experience. After creating the architecture and homepage mockup, we used both to inspire a series internal page designs.

Marketing Pediatric Dentistry
Marketing Pediatric Dentistry

The Result

We created a holistic new branding identity that emphasizes their story— a local, family-oriented and knowledgeable pediatric dentist. After establishing the brand we were able to create a fully custom website and marketing materials that are more visually aligned with their customers and audience. Using their new branding and SEO driven content strategy we were able to also produce a website that is equally as powerful in visuals as it is in performance. 

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