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The Right Strategy Helps The Right Customers Find You.

We are a pack of Seattle based digital marketing and design professionals, that use our diverse backgrounds to help tell your story and grow your business. And that’s exactly what we did with our client, East Valley Sand & Gravel.

As a relationship-driven agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen, learn and exceed expectations. We value long term relationships over making a quick buck and this mentality allows us to work with amazing clients like East Valley Sand & Gravel. Every business is presented with a unique set of challenges, pain points, and customer base but because we first start every conversation by listening, we’re able to understand your business to come up with not just a data-driven approach, but the right approach for you.

Fortunately, you have us for your needs. Odd Dog Media provides a friendly and personalized approach to ensure your digital marketing attracts the right kind of customers. That’s what makes us a small business’ best friend.

Here you’ll find more information about East Valley Sand & Gravel. Enjoy!

Seattle Marketing Agency

Website Build / Branding / Local SEO

Challenges / Goals

Our main design challenges were updating an outdated website, updating product images and establishing a more efficient site navigation through East Valley’s products and services offered. 

SEO challenges including cleaning up and organizing the citations for two businesses at the same location.

Our Solution

A modern, intuitive design with plenty of Call-to-Actions directing users to get in touch either through form submissions or phone calls. We used custom created graphics, on-site photography and developed easy to use tools and forms, to grab potential customers’ attention and generate more leads. 

Citation clean-up and clearly distinguishing one business from the other on all internet listings. 

Small Business Marketing Package

Our Process

The design process included industry research, sketching, and ideation of more consistent brand graphics and a visit to the business site for content and updated images. We wanted to place more emphasis on their products and services. On the homepage, we focused on the fact that East Valley Sand and Gravel is a local company and have very positive customer reviews. We also highlighted the two main categories that we wanted users to go to next, the product and service pages. 

On the product and the service pages, we wanted to give customers better visuals and an easy way to reach out for ordering. We did this by traveling out to their business site to photograph their local products and get some action shots of the services they offer. Each landing page organized the products and services simply but effectively. Call-to-Actions were placed easily accessible to guide customers to contact pages. We also created a custom material calculator for customers to more accurately assess how much they needed of each product. Using better site navigation, updating site-wide visuals and cleaner site integrations we created a more modern and efficient website.   

Small Business Marketing Package
Small Business Marketing Package

The Result

Highlights from Site Launch to Date (Site Launch: Nov. 30, 2018)

  • Eliminated unqualified traffic from locations they don’t serve.
  • Easier to navigate and easier to update
  • Contact leads up 376%
    • Nov 30, 2017 – Sep 19, 2018 = 25 contact conversions
    • Nov 30, 2018 – Sep 19, 2019 =  119 contact conversions
  • Bounce Rate 
    • Down 22.02%
  • Citation Accuracy
    • Up to 88% from 35%
  • Site Speed
    • Desktop – 81 to 99
    • Mobile –  49 to 78

The results from the newly designed website were removing a lot of unwanted or unqualified traffic from users not in East Valley’s service area. A lot of pages ranking well organically were outside of their target market and didn’t convert to any return or sale. 

Upon launch of the new site, the target is more focused on East Valley’s actual service area and is in the rebuilding process from an organic traffic and ranking SEO perspective.

The most notable increase is in regards to contact us and quick quote form submissions, which are up 376% from the previous year. Additionally, a decline of 22% in bounce rate is additional evidence in the removal of unqualified traffic. 

Although this unique issue makes it appear that traffic is down overall, this is actually the ideal result when removing traffic that resulted in zero ROI.

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