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We are a pack of Seattle based digital marketing and design professionals, that use our diverse backgrounds to help tell your story and grow your business. And that’s exactly what we did with our client, Magnix.

As a relationship-driven agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen, learn and exceed expectations. We value long term relationships over making a quick buck and this mentality allows us to work with amazing clients like Magnix. Every business is presented with a unique set of challenges, pain points, and customer base but because we first start every conversation by listening, we’re able to understand your business to come up with not just a data-driven approach, but the right approach for you.

Fortunately, you have us for your needs. Odd Dog Media provides a friendly and personalized approach to ensure your digital marketing attracts the right kind of customers. That’s what makes us a small business’ best friend.

Here you’ll find more information about Magnix. Enjoy!

MagniX website design

Website Build / Content Creation

Challenges / Goals

The CEO of magniX came to us because he wanted a website that reflected his company’s passion, commitment, and technology. His current website was outdated and simply didn’t do that. The website was their first face to the rest of the world, and it didn’t do their advanced and highly technical electric aviation work justice. needed to an engaging and informational platform to inspire its potential business customers.

Our Solution

The big question the new website needed to answer was “why electric?” Or, why would aviation customers WANT to use an electric motor instead of a traditional motor? And beyond that, why choose magniX for your electric aviation products? So, we decided to focus heavily on educational pieces about the benefits of electric aviation for the homepage. The About page would tout magniX’s stellar reputation and impressive value system. Lastly, the Products page would provide key data on its electric motors and their capabilities.

Magnix Website Design

Our Process

We started with the homepage, using the magniX branding and collection of artist renderings as a guide. Once we had an approved page layout, we created some incredible custom graphics and tools to make this page really stand out. 

For the homepage, we designed a branded infographic highlighting key statistics on electric aviation. We also created a custom tool to help customers visualize flight ranges for various electric motors and aircrafts.

Below that, we included a News section to showcase the impressive press that magniX had received recently to provide legitimacy and credibility. Now, that customers, could see the short-term and long-term value of electric aviation, they could explore the site further to learn more. 

Next, we moved on to some of the informational internal pages. We worked with the business’ house values, team bios, and mission statement to put together an About page and a Careers page that translated magniX into a trustworthy and experienced company that customers should want to work with – or for. 

The most complex piece of this project was the Products page. Each of their 3 products required custom CAD graphics combined with hot spot activity to give the user an immersive tour of the products. Our designer worked with several graphs and statistic tables to make the information understandable, readable, and on-brand. In addition, they included beautiful 3D renderings of their aircraft integrations to add dynamic interest to the page. 

Once the designs were completed and the website was built, we integrated dozens of pieces of press coverage and even added in a blogging feature. The client was trained on content entry and the website has been running smoothly ever since.


Magnix Website Design
Magnix Website Design

The Result

Unlike most of our website updates, this website was not created with SEO improvements as a primary goal. So, we must measure success as client satisfaction, which was (and continues to be) incredibly high.

The feedback we’ve received from the magniX team has been excellent and we look forward to seeing their company grow as a result of their beautiful new website.

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