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Copywriting Can Be Your Business’ Next
Best Sales Rep

That’s what powerful copywriting does. When you put the right words together, your website turns into your number one salesperson. It interacts with thousands of people at a time, never takes a break (who needs sleep when you’re made out of pixels?), and never veers away from your brand’s core message.

This, combined with strategic web design, turns your website into an unstoppable sales machine. As a full service Digital Marketing Agency Odd Dog Media saves you time and energy and helps you craft messaging that keeps customers coming in even while you sleep.

Copywriting Services Seattle

From Our Clients

Excellent firm to work with. They were very accommodating after we were burnt by another local marketing firm. Sondre, our main point of contact, has been especially great. He is a great strategist with an unending stream of unique ideas and insights into various marketing avenues. We use Odd Dog to manage our local SEO, Adwords and Bing accounts. Although on paper, this is the only thing we are paying them for, they have gone out of our way to help us with minor (yet pressing) issues at no extra cost time and time again (Wordpress fixes, Social Media tips, etc..). We really couldn't be happier with Odd Dog Media.

Stephan Foos, Sound Construction

Odd Dog has been great to work with and has made a significant impact on our bottom line. Kimberly takes the time to understand our business, budget and marketing goals and designs a strategy to keep them all in line. We have seen a huge increase in traffic and sales as a direct result of our PPC campaigns and local SEO strategy with Odd Dog. I continue to be a happy customer!

Brian Bergey, Lost Plate

The Odd Dog team are fantastic. They do brilliant work and are incredibly easy to work with. It’s nice having a team with such deep expertise, mixed with excellent communication skills and affordability. I would highly recommend.

Rich Martin, RB Content Lab
Copywriting Services Seattle

Build Deeper Connections With Your Customers

Humans have been telling stories to form deep bonds ever since we could communicate. What if you could use the power of storytelling to grow your business?

You could tell your customers your coffee shop’s Americano is the best in the neighborhood. Or you could share a story of how a local author stops in your shop every single day for a cup to fuel her through her process of writing a best-selling novel. In this scenario, your ideal customers see themselves reflected in the author – not because they want to write a book, but because they, too, need a delicious cup of coffee to accomplish their goals.

If your business doesn’t find a way to connect with your target audience, you’re going to have a hard time convincing them to buy from you. Great copywriting combines traditional storytelling with proven sales techniques to get real results.

Strong Copywriting Empathizes With Your Target Audience’s Challenge and Gets Them to Do Something About It.

It tells a story that builds trust. This helps your business:

  • Stand out with a memorable and relatable message
  • Establish credibility to build long-term trust
  • Improve overall conversion rate from lead to customer

Turn Your Marketing Materials Into a Sales Machine by Working With a Team of People Who Can Address What Keeps Your Customers Up at Night.

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Sondre Storesund

Marketing Strategist

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From businesses with multiple office locations to licensed practitioners like lawyers and doctors, our clients put their trust in us and experience real results.

Don’t just make guesses about what works. Get quality results you can trust.

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Why Work With Odd Dog?

When you partner with us, you end up with a memorable story that does the selling for you. Your name will be recognized in your community which will build trust and keeps people coming back for more.

Our team takes care of every step of the process: from researching and understanding your customers’ needs and pain points to writing copy that increases your website visits and takes them from leads into customers.

In turn, we’re confident you’ll find yourself with long-term results and a paw-tnership that’s built over time. Now, that’s something we can all get behind.


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We are a pack of odd dogs with diverse backgrounds to help tell your story and grow your business. Let’s see what we can do for you.

Our Process Fetches Results

We don’t just say we’re top dog—our process has provided proven results to scores of businesses.

How we do it:

We are a Seattle-based Digital Marketing Agency that is both right- and left-brained. Our right-brained creativity helps us understand the business needs of our clients and find creative marketing solutions to meet those needs. Our left-brained, analytical side ensures that we have the technical chops to bring our ideas to life, measure their success, and secure ROI for our clients. We dedicate extensive time and resources to finding and training the types of employees who can wear both creative and technical hats. This combination has allowed us to produce exceptional results and become an award-winning agency.

Here at Odd Dog, our mantra is “always do the right thing.” Intentionally ambiguous, this philosophy keeps us customer-centric and empowers our employees to make decisions for clients in the moment. Our dedication to prioritizing what is right over what is profitable has been the key to our success and the basis for an average client tenure of over 5 years in an industry that averages 18 months.

Businesses large or small, we've got your back.

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