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A new SaaS website and mind-blowing results.

We are a pack of Seattle-based digital marketing and design professionals, that uses our diverse backgrounds, years of experience, and award-winning methods to help tell your story and grow your business. And that’s exactly what we did with our client, Valant.

As a relationship-driven agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen, learn and exceed expectations. We value long-term relationships over making a quick buck. This allows us to work and create relationships with amazing clients like Valant. Every business is presented with a unique set of challenges, pain points, and customer base but because we start every conversation by listening, we’re able to understand your business to come up with not just a data-driven approach, but the perfect approach to fit your business’s needs.

Odd Dog Media provides a friendly and personalized approach to ensure your digital marketing attracts the right kind of customers. We are every business’s best friend.

Here you’ll find more information about Valant. Enjoy!

Website Build / SEO

Challenges / Goals

Valant’s previous website was outdated, difficult to edit/update on the backend, and had a bevy of technical issues hampering SEO growth. After working with us for a year, the logical step to take performance to the next level was a brand new website. The new website needed major site architecture changes, an interface redesign, a shortened lead funnel, and continued SEO growth. As well as help content managers easily update all pages and areas of the website. The biggest challenge we faced was maintaining SEO growth as the new website launched.

Our Solution

Our approach was to analyze and segment the two users of their site – existing customers looking for support and potential customers to put in the sales pipeline. Updating the site architecture to easily direct these groups to their appropriate funnels was key. Simplifying and shortening the users’ path to get what they wanted with a clean site navigation, design, and architecture. Additionally, we meticulously optimized the new site for organic search (SEO), so there would be no slow down in organic traffic from the get-go.

Our Process

The design of the new website started with industry research, wireframing ideas to simplify information, and building a new streamlined site architecture. From there we started with the homepage to showcase the main product features and benefits. We worked to create individual product pages that grabbed user attention, informed users, and drove conversions.

As we worked to design the internal pages we focused on funneling the two main user groups through the site quickly and efficiently, while also creating more consistent branding site-wide. The final design effectively improved the site navigation, created a clear hierarchy of important information, and communicated that information in visual simplicity.

The Result

A high-performance, modern, sleek, and cohesively branded website that produced incredible measurable growth. Since the launch of the new website, Valant has seen astronomical organic growth.  Comparing post-launch metrics to pre-launch metrics, they have seen a 159.52% increase in new organic users. As well as a 103.66% increase in goal conversion rate.

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Organic Growth After New Website Launch


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