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Hello and welcome to the last week of October!
Is your business ready for the holidays?
Make sure you update your business hours on your Google My Business listing to reflect any closed or short days! Even if you plan to be open on holidays, you can confirm your operating hours through your GMB page so that customers will know your correct hours, consider Geofencing and Geo Targeting are location-based services, an app, browser or other services might use location data. This could be cellular data, Wi-Fi, global positioning (GPS), satellite, radio frequency identification (RFID).


Google Maps new “Follow” button will revolutionize GMB Posts
There may be a new way for users to interact with your business via the Post feature on Google My Business!
Google is testing a new “follow” button so you can follow businesses that you’d like and be notified when they post new updates. The button can be found on Google Maps on most Android devices and select counties. To be released on iOS soon.
If you aren’t using Posts yet in Google My Business, now is a great time to get started!
• What’s new in Google My Business ”Product Collections” and more
Google has added another way to showcase what you sell. Services, as well as the menu feature, was added this past year and now it looks like Google is testing a product collections link.
Here’s what it looks like in the real world:
Do you see this option yet in your Google My Business dashboard?
Note, it is good practice to list out all of your services on separate pages, but also having one central location that lists all that you offer is highly recommended – a page like that would be perfect for the Products and Services link.
Video deep dive: What drives local mobile SERP images 
Mike and Mary take a deep dive into how images are chosen to be shown in local mobile search results – some interesting takeaways
• The page title had more to do with the image being shown than Alt tags did
• The first image was typically in the copy of the body of the page vs header image or images from services or a menu.
• Captions and alt tags are still at play but don’t seem to be the only deciding factor.


The September 27th – Early October algorithm update was likely about Google’ ability to assess trust 
Ah, yes, there was another update. We know that algorithm updates happen all the time at Google, but we don’t always know what was updated. Sometimes we just have to wait and see how updates may impact our businesses.
The last major update was all around E-A-T – or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness – this was Google attempt to offer higher rankings to websites like medial and advice to those that achieve a higher trust score. Where does a trust score come from? All sorts of places. BBB, online reviews, I’m sure the number of citations and backlinks help as well.
Marie Haynes breaks down this update along with a more recent adjustment that SEO’s have picked up on. Great post and worth the read.