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Lot’s of local updates this week!
Keeping an eye on the ever-changing landscape that is Google My Business is a challenge and excitement all rolled into one! There always seem to be tests and updates. Make sure you stay on top of your Google My Business listing so you don’t miss any recommended updates, questions that are asked by your customers, and suggested changes that people may make on your profile.


• Google to close Google+ after 7 years: A look back at the impact it once had on Google search. 
Google+ never too off as the social platform that I think Google wanted it to be. We’re not supposed at all at the decision to shut it down, especially after the major updates that have been brought to Google My Business.
Did you ever get on the Google+ train?


• What’s up with the Local Search results? 
Mike Blumenthal shows a search from a mobile device from different apps, all serving up very different results. So when your customers search in Chrome vs Safari vs the Google app and even depending on the device, they may be getting served with very different results.
• Google testing new Knowledge Panel changes 
Posts look like they have been moved down in the KP and there have been some sightings of the “people also search for” being moved from the bottom of the knowledge panel to the top of the search page.
Great Plugin to schedule Google My Business Posts
If you struggle to keep up with your Google My Business posts, this plugin may be the tool that helps get your posts up consistently! Schedule and post right from your WordPress website’s dashboard with this plugin. We haven’t tried it out yet, but it looks worth giving a shot!


• Local reviews can help your business rank higher in Local SEO
We all know how powerful reviews are for customers choosing your business, but did you know that they also help your ranking?