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Howdy Odd Dog Blog readers! We’ve found some fun updates that you should be privy to this week. We especially like the Ultimate Guide to GMB Photos and the 5 Local SEO Myths that Will. Not. Die! From Joy Hawkins.


• Google My Business photos: The ultimate guide to looking good online

This is a great post from Bright Local as to the importance of good and relevant photos on your Google My Business account. Did you know, “60% of consumers said local search results with good images pushed them towards a decision.”?  That’s pretty huge! 

This is a great guide on how to select the best images for your business. HINT: It does not include stock photos! 

• 5 Local SEO Myths and Misconceptions that will. Not. Die. 
We love this post from Joy Hawkins! So true that we still see these myths time and time again, like suite numbers being a huge ranking factor for Local Search or where you set your service are will allow you to rank in that area (vs. your physical address).
What other myths have you seen in Local SEO?


• Facebook redesigns biz pages for utility as feed reach declines. 
Facebook has redesigned local business pages to become more of a useable destination page and have more visible calls to action based on the business type.


• Google Ads arrives. So long AdWords. 
If you haven’t already, expect your AdWords platform to go away. The new branding for Google’s advertising platform had begun rolling out.
• Google’s August 1st Core Update: Week 1
Moz provides us with their findings of this most recent update and which websites and industries seem to have been impacted the most.
It looks like the update is still adjusting, so we may see some more changes in the future.