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Nobody enjoys packing up all of their things and hauling it to a new place. You have to put everything you have, put it in boxes that never seem to fit, and then haul it all up a set of stairs. BUT little known to most people there are some major SEO concerns when you move offices. A change of address will affect almost every single directory listing you have.

Google penalizes companies who have inconsistent data from one listing to another. So when you begin to change your addresses, make sure that you change each and every listing! This way it you can keep your consistency over all the listings. One might ask, “How do I know where my company is listed?” This is a great question!

Resources – 

Get Listed is a resource that will help tell you which major directories you are listed on and whether or not you have claimed that listing. The only drawback is that it doesn’t take care of all the more obscure links that you have listed your company on. The smaller links are important too, so its best not to forget about them.

In order to see each and every directory you are listed on you will need to use and SEO Moz resource called Open Site Explorer. You are able to see all the links that go to your site (if you have a pro membership with SEO Moz). Just enter your company URL into the space provided and away you go!

Steps to check external links – 

  1. Enter business’ URL into the space provided
  2. Make sure the drop down menus say “followed + 301” then “only external” then “this page” and finally “show links ungrouped”. Once those are all in place you can press the “filter” button on the right side of the screen.
  3. That will show you all of the links coming to your site.
  4. Now it is your job to go through all of your links and find which ones are directories! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Last Little Note – 

Change your address with on your easily accessible venues first. For example, Google +, Facebook, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and of course your website. Order them from most visited to least visited.

Now you know what to do if you are planning on moving!

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