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The last two years have not been kind to small businesses, making Small Business Saturday 2021 a particularly important holiday to observe. Your decision to shop small this year can make or break a small business in your community! (Trust us, we’re a small business that services other small-to-medium-sized businesses, so we’re very familiar with...
2020 has been … challenging, to say the least. We won’t list off the many challenges we’re referring to in an attempt to spare you from reliving any stress. What we will say about it, however, is that small businesses have arguably been hit the hardest. As a small business that serves other small-to-medium-sized businesses,...

Given all the craziness lately, it’s easy for businesses to overlook a few simple tasks in communicating with your customers.  We included a few checklist items below that you should keep in mind and execute as you have new updates to share: Consider sharing the following information via your website, email and social media posts…

How many times have you read a review for a new restaurant you want to eat at? How did you take a look at it? On Yelp? Google? Facebook? I don’t know about you, but every time I’m looking at a new place to find some delicious grub, I do a little homework before committing…

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