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David graduated from the school of business at the West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Accounting. After spending some time in the accounting industry, David transitioned into marketing and hasn’t looked back since. He has been working at Odd Dog for over 3 years, first starting as a Project Manager and has now progressed to his current role of Senior Marketing Manager. He still manages a handful of clients but his focus is on growing Odd Dog by tackling all things marketing and sales. He holds multiple certifications from Google Analytics, Google Ads and Bing Ads.

David has worked on a variety of projects at Odd Dog media but his interest lies in creating a complete digital marketing strategy, gravitating especially to those that are challenging and data-heavy. During his time at Odd Dog, he has worked on a variety of SEO & PPC campaigns ranging from some of the largest companies in Seattle to local mom and pop shops to help generate qualified leads. As his roots are in accounting, David is naturally a data nerd. He enjoys using data to tie directly into ROI and fuel decisions for every campaign he runs. With that, the accountant in him is always budget conscious and he uses the above data to maximize returns as efficiently as possible.

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What Kind Of Dog Is David?

If David was a dog, he’d be….. a Golden Retriever – playful, trustworthy, active and a people person.

Quote from our clients: “We work closely with David and have developed absolute trust in him. David knows his stuff and has had a huge impact on our business.”

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In his free time, David enjoys spending his time being as active as possible. You can often catch him chasing powder at Crystal Mountain during the winter, exploring new mountain bike trails throughout the PNW, preparing for his next offroad adventure race or searching for his next pair of funky socks.

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Why David Does What He Does

“One of the things that I really enjoy about Odd Dog Media is the unique challenge that each client has. I’ve always had a lot of respect for entrepreneurs and find it really rewarding to jump headfirst into a new challenge, learn about a new industry, provide a strategic outline, execute and provide real results. With those results, there’s often a lot of data to sort through and make sense of but the accountant in me loves it. Once we’ve seen success on a campaign and sorted through the data, it’s always really exciting to hear an owner/manager talk about how business is going, but my favorite thing to hear after a successful campaign is ‘What else can we be doing?’. The trust has been established and that’s where the long term improvements can really take off."

We are a Seattle-based Digital Marketing Agency that is both right and left-brained. Our right-brained creativity helps us understand the business needs of our clients and find creative marketing solutions to meet those needs. Our left-brained, analytical side ensures that we have the technical chops to bring our ideas to life, measure their success, and secure ROI for our clients. We dedicate extensive time and resources to finding and training the types of consultants who can wear both creative and technical hats. This combination has allowed our consultants to produce exceptional results and become an award-winning agency.

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We are a pack of odd dogs with diverse backgrounds to help tell your story and grow your business. Let us know how we can help!