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Category: Design

One-page websites may seem like an easy solution to have something up there for your business and many services and website builder templates offer them. But do they do more harm than good? Are they worth it? What’s the advantage of having multiple pages if you feel like you can say it all with just...
What is a brand guide? A brand guide provides an overview of the company's identity, mission, values, as well as serves as an instructional guide on how a brand should be represented in all communication touchpoints. This includes logo usage and variations, voice, values, mission, typography, and color guide. Creating a full brand guide for...

Rebranding has gotten, dare we say, trendy, over the last few years. I mean, who doesn’t love all things shiny and new! In addition to desiring a fresh and updated look, it can also be tempting to blame your current branding on any lack of success your business may be seeing.  We’re here to dispel…

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