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Don’t we all want to look good in front of our boss? I mean if we can make their life easier, it makes OUR lives easier, right?

Being responsible for your companies marketing and hiring an outside vendor to assist you can be a marvelous thing! But how can you be sure you are getting the most from your vendor and how can you utilize that vendor to up your game in front of your boss? That’s what we’ll be covering today. 

Let’s dive in, shall we? 

First off, what types of marketing vendors are you using? Here are a few services that may be best outsourced to a professional vendor:

No matter what service you are using an outside marketing vendor for, here are six things to help you get the most out of that partnership (and make you look great in front of your boss!)

1. Make sure you and your boss have your goals aligned

This is square one. Before you even look for a marketing vendor, you have to make sure you fully understand the goals your company wants to achieve, and of course what your boss is expecting from you and the marketing department. Understand what your companies goals are and the KPI’s\ (key performance indicators) used to determine your success. Once you have these, you will then be in a position to find a vendor that can help you specifically reach these goals.

marketing goals - impress your boss2. Have open communication with your marketing vendor

You should view your marketing vendor as an extension of your team. Their main goal is to make you successful. Take advantage of that. Use their expertise, but also share your knowledge. Keep them updated on any changes that come up, share resources about your industry, give them access to any systems necessary to help them do great work for you. Staying connected can be weekly or monthly check-ins, reports, or deep dives into campaign performance. Just make sure there is transparency to the work they are doing for your company and have a plan as to how you will be communicating and sharing information. 

3. Talk about Company Goals

When you work with a marketing agency, you’re likely looking for them to assist in the execution of a specific channel. While this specific channel will support your overarching company goals, make sure your vendor is in the loop on this. They often have plenty of experience growing companies and if they understand the complete picture, they’ll likely be able to drive better results.

4. Be able to show benchmarks

Everyone loves a good before and after! Show the progress your marketing vendor has made on your campaign and towards your goals. If the needle isn’t moving fast enough, or at all, show why. Is it a lack of budget? Misaligned goals? Choosing the wrong advertising platform? Lean on your vendor for help with this! When you share this data with your boss, it will be much easier to paint a clear picture of the performance of your campaigns and the impacts they are having across all platforms and channels. 

5. Make the data easy to understand

Use images and graphs to tell the story of your progress. Showing, not telling, makes a huge difference in concepts being fully understood. See The importance of adding images and graphs into reports.  The ol’ cliche saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a cliche for a reason. If you need assistance with creating some graphs that are easy to understand, here are a few resources we’ve used in the past:

Google Sheets Graphs many reports start in Google Sheets – if this is what you are using to present, here’s a resource to add some pop!

• Google Slides – many templates have some great graphs to use. 

Canva a great graphic tool, also contains graphs and easy-to-add charts into presentation-ready templates. 

Plus, graphs are just sooooo satisfying! 

marketing report graphs

6. Keep your boss in the loop

Determine how often you will be updating your boss on your progress and stick to it! If you don’t have a recurring meeting scheduled, see if you can get one on the books. Take initiative and proactively offer frequent updates on how the campaigns are progressing towards KPIs. Keep all reports and data in a common place where it can be easily accessed at any time, like a Google Drive folder, or on your companies intranet. 

Want a quick win? Drop us a line and we can show you how to utilize Odd Dog to help make you look good in front of your boss too!

After you’ve used these tips, we will only have one question for you:

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