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Your content may be king, but if no one ever finds it, then it’s just one of those unclaimed baronies.
SEO and inbound marketing are not mutually exclusive, in fact they rely on each other to perform. Inbound marketing is everything from the content you host on your website, like blog posts, to your social media posts and interactions. 

There are a lot of different ways you can put messages out there for your audience to see, but without a plan to put the right message out there and a way for your target audience to find them, you are just shouting into a void. 

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An SEO agency can help you with your inbound marketing in many, many ways. Here are just a few benefits of working with an SEO agency to fuel your inbound marketing:


You will begin with the end in mind

Before you write that blog post or create a social media calendar, working with an SEO agency can help you identify what the goal is for your inbound marketing and how to measure your success. Most companies don’t truly understand the value of a lead, which can make the time and effort put into creating an inbound strategy kind of daunting. 

Once you have a clear idea of what your inbound funnel looks like, you can craft content to lead people down the right path.
That can look like tutorial blog posts, videos, and educational social posts, that lead your customers to a free trial, or a discount on their first purchase, or a whitepaper to download in exchange for an email address.
An SEO agency can also work with you to understand the different types of content to put out based on different stages of the buying cycle. An e-commerce business will have a very different buyer journey than a large software company, and it’s important to know the stage of the cycle you are targeting with each piece of content.

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Get help targeting the right keywords 

Understanding the volume and competition for your top keywords will help you plan which ones to target and which ones to skip. However, it’s important to know keyword optimization is far different now than it was in the past. You used to be able to put a keyword in the title of a page and sprinkle it around the body of the text and do pretty well. Now search engines are looking for relevant results and will favor pages that 1 – speak more like a human and 2 – are actually answering the question users are searching for.
Makes sense, right? Utilizing the right keywords and search terms is both easier and far more challenging at the same time. SEO agencies can be an amazing ace in the hole to help you really refine your content and messaging using a combination of keywords and searchers’ intent. 

Targeting continued….

SEO agencies also have a great understanding of the typical conversion funnel. With this understanding, they can help outline and create content geared at moving your audience through your conversion funnel using the targeted content outlined above. A lot of content we see created these days doesn’t account for the different stages of a conversion funnel and as a result, we see content scattered and not geared around your stakeholder pain points. With focus and an end goal in mind, an SEO agency will help you take a step deeper into your conversion funnel to help create a more complete content strategy that is aimed at moving people through your conversion funnel leading to more revenue.



Most SEO Agencies are analytical data nerds (or at least all of us here at Odd Dog!). With that comes a vast amount of experience leveraging analytical tools like Google Analytics. Google Analytics comes with a plethora of features allowing an SEO agency to take advantage of your existing data to see what’s working well, what’s not, and where there are areas for improvement. This can be anything from beefing up existing content that’s driving traffic, discovery of a bottleneck in your lead generation process, identifying high drop off points, and so much more. Most agencies have multiple staff members who are certified in Google Analytics who can help identify these areas that will help your inbound marketing efforts excel. 


Conversion Rate Optimization

People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Breaking apart content for the skimmers’ eye will help users stay on your website longer, find the answers they are looking for faster, and show clearer calls to action. When users stay on your page longer and are actually finding the answers they need, search engines will view your website as more important and will start to move it higher in the search results.

Getting the right text on the page is only part of the equation. Creating a page that’s easy to navigate and skim will greatly increase user experience. When you begin to include the right elements on-page, you’re also taking an assertive approach in how people interact with your website. Instead of “hoping” people are taking the actions you want and wishing they go to your high-value pages, you can point them in the right direction with CTA’s, testimonials, design, etc. that will allow you to maximize your websites ability to convert website visitors into leads. 

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Leverage Your Social Media Channels

A good SEO agency will help you leverage your social media channels as part of your inbound marketing strategy.
While search engines aren’t really transparent about the importance they place on social signals, (follower count, engagement rates, etc) there IS some correlation where brands with more active social channels are more likely to rank higher. This doesn’t mean your company should go all-in on TikTok, however, it does mean your company should be active and present on the social channels that are where your audience is. See also, “What Social Media Channel Should My Business be Using?

Ways social media helps your inbound marketing:

  • Can help foster backlinks from highly shared content
  • Increase your followers with the right people who you are creating content for (don’t get us started on vanity metrics!)
  • Drive warm traffic to your website 

If you’re unsure of the direction to be taking on social media for your company, we can help. 


Bring All Your Marketing Together

Working with an SEO agency will help you truly utilize all of your marketing pieces available to you, help you use them to leverage each other, and maximize your marketing assets visibility online.. From social signals to repurposing content in video, graphics, or even webinars, the landscape of your digital marketing is limitless. A good SEO agency will help you make full use of it all. 


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