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With so many social channels out there, it can be difficult to know what channel your time is best spent on. Now, I’ve heard all the fairytales of how people often buy YouTube subscribers to make it quicker and so they might benefit from that, but that’s essentially paid promotion. We hear from business owners who read an article or got some advice from their friend and now are convinced that they “need to be on the Facebooks” for their business.  While Facebook is the largest social media platform as far as the number of users, it’s not the best platform for every business.
So what is the best platform? Where should you be spending your time?

You’re going to hate this answer…

It depends.

Any kind of branding or marketing you do needs to be where your ideal customers are, learn how to start a successful social media campaign with these smma courses. If you were a B2B company, you may not get the best engagement on Instagram. LinkedIn may be a better channel to reach the influencers you need to.   If you run a coffee shop, Instagram may be a great fit for your business and you should aim at organic Instagram growth, while LinkedIn, not so much. So, the question you really have to ask is, “Where are my ideal customers hanging out online?”
Is your customer more likely to check out SnapChat or scroll through their Facebook feed?
Also, consider the type of content you will be sharing and try to identify what will resonate with your audience. Do you have a lot of visuals in your business? Instagram may be a great place.
What about video? Maybe Facebook, YouTube, and/or SnapChat could be a great fit.
What’s the average age of the customer you serve? Get clear and specific. 
The clearer you are the better you can target your audience and the more impactful your engagement will be.

Based on the information below*, where should YOUR business be spending the most time?
There is much more data available on each platform, but from a very general perspective, where would your business be the most likely to find it’s ideal customers? 

social media stats

Remember, if you’re marketing to everyone, your marketing to no one.

Do you have more than one location? See Managing Facebook Pages for a Multi-Location Businesses



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