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Keeping up with the ecosystem

The web of today is not the same as it was only a few years ago. Unfortunately, many website designers haven’t yet got the message. While Promotional Marketing is a tactic extraordinaire which gets the people talking about your company. Creating a website and placing it on the internet is not enough to get the traffic flowing.

It used to be that all you had to do was put up a website and that was enough. But these days, just having a website barely brings you up to par. The increasing adoption of the internet and sophistication of web-users, combined with the simultaneous rise of social media, enhanced capability of search engine technology and, even in the last year alone, the blurring of the lines between search and social have created an extremely complex web ecosystem – an ecosystem that is equal parts opportunity and challenges for organizations wishing to leverage it.

As previously stated, Odd Dog Media is more than just a Website Designer.  Meaning, we don’t just approach web design projects with the attitude of “let’s build you a pretty website”. We hold ourselves and our work to a higher standard. In order to compete in today’s ecosystem, you have to.

In our experience, few web designers take into account the myriad of factors that actually affect how successful your website will be. We do, and this is how:

Websites have to be architectured to work for search engines as well as users. It’s not about de facto search engine optimization anymore, but instead, it’s about smart site architecture that works with SEO.

Social media is essential to a good website these days. It doesn’t have to be about the big players — Facebook and Twitter — but making sure your website is seamlessly integrated to some social venues in order to syndicate content and blogs to those audiences.

    • Good Content

Content needs to be developed to effectively communicate a message whilst also being highly shareable and optimized for high-volume search traffic. Static, business-card websites just won’t suffice anymore.

That’s just the beginning of it. Building a website in this new marketing ecosystem is a complex process, but it’s one that will continue to change and evolve.

Learn more about our SEO Services, website design, and website development, and how they all are interconnected.

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