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Are you capitalizing on the benefits of Facebook Business pages?

Facebook is a fantastic tool for small businesses to find new customers, spread brand awareness, and tell customers about your business. However, it’s a platform that’s changing constantly and can be overwhelming for small business owners. If you already have a page for your business but aren’t sure if you’re maximizing its potential, here’s what you need to know:

  1. About My Business
  2. Services
  3. Shop
  4. Events
  5. Jobs
  6. Messaging
  7. Support

‘About’ my business

The ‘About’ section of your business page can hold a LOT of valuable information.

Facebook about optimization

First, set your business category to the category that most closely describes your business. This will assist with your search optimization. Your username will change the URL of your Facebook page from just a random string of numbers to a URL that includes your business name in a logical way. For example, instead of, your page will say Like ours:

Below, you’ll see sections for Hours, Business Info, Additional Contact Info, and More Info. Fill out these sections as thoroughly as possible.

On the right side of these business details, you’ll see a section called Story. This is your chance to add an additional photo of your business and tell your company’s story in a creative, fun way. Use this as a chance to sell your values, mission, or any other unique selling points you offer to set you apart from your competitors. Here’s a preview of ours:

Our story Facebook


If you’re a service-based business, this is your chance to introduce your service offerings to potential customers (or educate existing customers on new ones). You can add details such as pricing, appointment duration, images, etc.

Services Facebook


If your business sells products, this is where you can highlight your products or even sell them online directly through Facebook. If you use Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or Magento Shop for your e-commerce website, this set-up is super easy, especially if you take assistance. It ties your website to your processing bank.


If your business hosts or sponsors events, you can use this tool to create, manage, and promote all of your events. Facebook Events is a hugely popular and effective tool for spreading event awareness. Creating and managing the event is easy with step-by-step instructions built into the tool. You can even integrate the event with online ticketing systems so attendees can purchase their tickets directly on your page if your event is paid! You can learn more and get full instructions here.

Events Facebook Page


Looking to hire a new employee? The Jobs tool is a super easy way of reaching a large, local audience of potential job applicants. Learn more about creating job posts here.

Jobs Facebook Page


More than ever, customers are looking for easy, informal ways of connecting with local businesses. Many customers would rather text than call, or even instant chat rather than email. With that in mind, it’s important to respond to customers that message you as promptly as possible. The great thing about messaging customers on Facebook is that your tone can be more friendly and informal than in traditional emails. In addition, you can set up auto-response messages with information for the customer while they wait for you to respond. All of this can be configured in your messaging settings. Here’s a fantastic guide on how to set up your chat systems and what to expect from it. White Label Reviews help you to improve current SEO rankings and conversions.


This year, Facebook brought back their original chat support feature for businesses and advertisers to get help from the Facebook Help team in case of any questions or page issues. Don’t be afraid to use them if you’re confused about any of their features or need administrative help with your page. You can access their support center and chat support here.

This was just a quick intro to the basic options of Facebook Business pages, but there’s so much more you can do! If you want to maximize your Facebook page’s potential, set up your Facebook page for the first time, or anything in-between, send us a message!

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