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We get it. Not every company has a marketing team. As a growing company ourselves, we understand the number of hats that employees wear at a small company. When you don’t have the personnel to dedicate to marketing, here are some ways you can still accomplish your goals with the team you have. 

  1. Get clear on goals
  2. Create a plan
  3. Get your entire staff involved in the implementations
  4. Automate, Automate, Automate
  5. Share Results and Accept Feedback
  6. Lead by Example
  7. Have Patience – it’s a Marathon Not a Sprint
  8. Stay Consistent and Accountable


  1. Get clear on goals

First, get crystal clear on those goals. What does successful marketing look like for your company? Does it entail growing your social media channels? What about website conversions?
At what point in your sales funnel do you feel you are losing potential customers and how can you improve on that?
Get a clear idea of where you want to focus your efforts so it will be easier to measure your results, see what’s working, what’s not, and delegate to the right team members. 


  1. Create a plan

Once you have your goals outlined, create a plan. Invite your team to be a part of this by holding a brainstorming session or creating a shared document, like a Google Doc, or Trello Board for everyone to share their ideas.
Create a safe space for everyone to contribute and they will feel valued as a member of your team. We promise!
Get matching hats or shirts and make it fun!

Pro Tip* Make sure your plans are detailed and thorough. It’s easy to make mistakes or overlook certain areas of your plan if you don’t have a detailed outline or you’re plan is too vague. Save yourself and your team some time by spending additional resources upfront to make sure you have an in-depth plan to reach each set of your goals.


  1. Get your entire staff involved in the Implementations

Do you know how challenging it is to get fun, real-time images, and videos from business owners for social media?


Encourage your staff to take photos, videos, Boomerangs, time-lapse, whatever! Whenever the mood strikes them or there’s something share-worthy happening. 

If you’re not comfortable handing over social media control to a staff member, create a shared folder on Dropbox or Google Drive where your team can add their content. This way you can curate and select what to post and you will be able to access all of these files to re-post at a later date easily if you’d like. 

If blog posts or website content is needed to help website conversions along, get one of your team members to write what they know about the topic.
Or if they aren’t comfortable writing, create a post that’s more like a question and answer interview. Allow them to speak to their expertise and what special sauce they bring to the company. 

marketing team

  1. Automate, Automate, Automate

Did I mention automate? With a limited staff, having good systems in place can save a heck of a lot of time and energy.
For posting to social media, use a posting scheduler like Buffer or Hootsuite to batch schedule out your content on all of your social media profiles.
Create an automated sales funnel that will automatically follow up with leads you haven’t heard back from in X number of days or weeks. 

Automations can also come in handy in your communications. Tools like HubSpot and ConvertKit can help you engage with website visitors more easily and create an effective follow-up sequence for your leads and current customers. 


  1. Share Results and Accept Feedback

Once you have your goals set, your plan in place, and your systems all running, share the results with your staff. How are your channels working to achieve your goals?
What changes need to be made? What does your team feel like is working well? What’s not? What can be improved?
Marketing is data-driven, yes, but it’s also fluid and needs to remain adaptable. What works for one company may not work for another. What worked in December for you, may not work in July.  Take stock and get input from your team. 


  1. Lead by Example

If you are in charge of marketing for your company, you have to be the biggest cheerleader for each initiative. Get excited! Lead by example and share your experiences. You set the tone for how everyone else will feel about their own involvement.  You can’t put the plan out there and wipe your hands of it until it’s time to review. Get involved, know all of the processes, and truly take leadership head-on! 


  1. Have Patience – it’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

Old habits die hard. If you’re asking your team to take on new roles or change the way they do their jobs, it’s OK and understandable that these changes won’t be perfect overnight. Celebrate the little victories and make micro improvements where you can. The goal is long-term success, so remember that a bit of ebb and flow with any new process it A-OK. Be sure to also focus on the small stuff. Little bumps in traffic, a new piece of content created, more page views of a key page, or more time spent on site are all small things that you can view as helping achieve your long term goals.


  1. Stay Consistent and Accountable

Staying consistent with any marketing plan has to be one of the largest challenges we see. It’s one thing to have a plan, it’s another thing to stick with it and be as equally excited about it 6 months later. Stay consistent by keeping yourself and others accountable. Schedule a marketing meeting once a month or quarter to share results. 

Put time on your calendar and don’t hit that “dismiss” button. Whatever you think you or your team needs to help show up and hold one another accountable, do it! Showing up is more than half the battle. 

Need help with your marketing? If want help creating a plan that you and your team can implement, give us a shout. We’re data nerds and loooove creating systems to make our client’s lives easier! 

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