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For businesses, it is generally true to say that “you need to spend money to make money.” However, spending money is not the same as spending money wisely. Google Ads (nee Adwords) campaigns are like plants in your garden – they need to be lovingly nurtured. Like plants though, you eventually need to get out there to pick out the weeds and do some pruning.  Google Ads campaign restructure is more an art than a science but we have compiled a handy list of best practices that can help you decide if this is right for your SMB (small to medium business).

What we’ll be covering:

  1. Why should you consider a campaign restructure?
  2. How do you know if your Google Ads are performing well?
  3. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

What is a Google Ads campaign restructure? 


The first step in creating a Google Ads campaign is planning your blueprint. If you created your Ads campaign without much thought to the blueprint then you should definitely do so now by restructuring it. The foundational structure of a successful marketing campaign is about identifying the action you want those who click on your ads to take. For most SMB’s you want to generate leads or sell your products – but depending on what kind of business you are running, you may instead be trying to remarket or reengage previous customers/visitors to your site’s page. These goals are not mutually exclusive and you likely should have multiple campaigns running in parallel that reach different segments.


A restructure of your Google Ads account can be the difference between a well-oiled machine or time-sink that requires endless hours of manual labor. A campaign restructure result might be to reduce the number of ads in your ad group to 2-3 (Ads best practices), or embracing SKAGs (single keyword ad groups), or eliminating any non-converting keywords/search terms from your account entirely.g. A campaign restructure involves identifying what works and pinpointing the root causes of poor performance.


Why should you consider a campaign restructure?


The goal here is simple – more efficient ad spend resulting in more leads and conversions. Begin restructuring your campaign by asking what your advertising goal is. The right campaign or campaigns for your business depends on your answer. This is hard work, but it embraces the maxim “work smarter, not harder”.  If you are not achieving the results you want, consider restructuring. If you are spending too much time micromanaging your campaign, consider restructuring. The operating assumption for this campaign restructure is that your budget is unchanged, and we are fine-tuning what is working to generate more high-quality leads and improved conversion ratios.


How do you know if your Google Ads are performing well?


For starters, are you seeing the results you want from an Ads campaign? Are you paying less to acquire a new lead than the value of that lead is worth to your business? These are all important qualifiers to determine the success of any marketing effort. 


As you narrow down your results to determine the effectiveness of your campaign, it’s good to establish the keywords that are generating conversions and accomplishing your campaign goals. Just as important, you must determine which keywords you are bidding on that are NOT providing you with results. A keyword analysis is just one part of analyzing the effectiveness of your Ads campaign, but an industry best practice is to prune the list of your keywords in your ads frequently – at least once every 6 months, or more depending on how much data you have.. By identifying what is not working for your campaign you can now remove the keywords from that campaign, or tweak other parameters.


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Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

Just because you’ve found some elements that need tweaking in your Google Ads campaign, that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Keep what’s working. Tweak the rest. Make sure you are also tracking your changes so that when you revisit your campaign, you know what’s working. It will also make future Google Ads campaigns simpler in the future.  

No successful campaign is hands-off for very long. By the ephemeral nature of the internet, change is inevitable. What works for your SMB one month might not the next. It is best to have a system in place that you can easily refer back to make changes to keep your campaigns performant. This is the important essence of a campaign restructure – a useful guide to making small changes with some frequency, but keeping the larger whole.

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