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Google’s Chrome web browser has taken the lead in the most popular web browser claiming 60% of all internet traffic. Source

chrome browser extensionsAnd if you spend as much time on this web browser as I do, I thought that is was high-time I shared the Chrome Extensions that are rocking my world so they can rock yours too. These extensions help me save time and energy across the board.

Most of these are FREE with the option to add a paid subscription if you want more features than the free account provides. With the exception of 1Password in which does have a free trial, but starts at $2.99 a month for a single user. And honestly, I’m not sure I would want a free password protection tool anyway.

1. Full Page Screen Capture

Have you ever wanted to capture the full screen of a website? Trying the handy “Shift + Command +4” on your Mac is great for capturing sections of a screen,  but when the page scrolls, you’re out of luck.
That’s why I love the Full Page Screen Capture. I just hit the little camera icon and the entire page is captured, scrolls and all, then the capture is opened in a new tab on my browser where I can then save the png file. There are many other screen capturing tools out there and some that you can add notations as well.  However, this one still my go-to and I use other programs if I need to add any notations. 

2. Grammarly

Grammarly catches what spell check doesn’t. Extra spaces, unnecessary commas, grammar rules that you learned in high school and have long since forgotten, it’s like your secret editor helping make sure you don’t look like a fool before sending that email or publishing that blog post. It’s a must for anyone doing any amount of writing, including email.
Grammarly also has extensions for Firefox and Safari, as well as native apps and works with MS Office. 


HYFY has fast become our go-to tool for screen and voice recording at Odd Dog Media. So much of the work we do is visual and complex that having a system where we can record our voice and walk our clients through a website or a process has been invaluable. No additional software is needed on the client’s end at all, we just send over a link for them to review. It’s changed our workflow dramatically!  Included in this post there’s a HYFY that Adam created walking through how to tell where the Google Analytics Direct / None traffic is from.

4. Wappalyzer

If you want to peek into the technologies that a website is using, Wappalyzer is a great tool. At a glance, I can see what platform a website was built on and what other kinds of software they are running on the back end. There are ways that developers can see this info on a website’s code, but if you’re not too technical like me, this extension is a great way to see at a glance what elements are making up any website. 

5. Momentum

Sometimes you need a reminder during the day to take a deep breath and re-focus. The Momentum extension will greet you with an inspiring quote and a beautiful photograph from amazing places all over the world every time you open up a new tab. You can also set your day’s intention, add your to-do list and add shortcuts to all of your favorite places on the web. Photos and quotes change daily, so you’re never bored and always inspired.

6. 1Password

Sharing passwords across our team has never been easier. 1Password allows you to save your own private passwords as well as share passwords across your team. 1Password will also help you generate strong random passwords to use and store your company’s credit card for easy use. It may feel like a lot of sensitive information to put in one place, but 1Password takes their security very seriously.

7. Facebook Pixel Helper

If you ever want to run Facebook ads, this handy extension is really great to have. The Facebook Pixel Helper will let you know if your pixel has been installed properly on your website and if it’s sending the needed information back to Facebook. This tool will help you make sure your tracking is set up properly before spending a dime on Facebook ads. 

8. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool

As a company that specializes in SEO, of course, there would be a keyword extension in here!
Keywords Everywhere will show you the search volume, projected CPC, and the competition for that keyword. What I love the most about this tool, is that it’s compatible in so many places. Your Google Search page, Google Analytics and Answer the Public, just to name a few.   

9. Moz Bar

For a quick view of a website’s Domain Authority, Page Authority, backlinks, the Moz Bar is a great asset. You can also export your search results to a .csv file so you have all the websites PA, DA, the number of backlinks, page titles and meta descriptions. A great tool when doing competitor research!

What are some of your go-to Google Chrome extensions? Tell us below!

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