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It can be very exciting to see numbers go up on your web traffic.  Your website may even be seeing the most traffic that it ever has! So, why have your sales not budged? It is all phantom “referral” traffic? (See Jay’s post for some ways to clean up your referral traffic: Stop Spam Bots from Ruining your Analytics Referral Data )   What about the organic and direct traffic? If those numbers go up, then shouldn’t your leads and then your sales?
It’s time for a close look at your website and maybe even time make some much needed changes to convert web traffic into paying customers.

1 – Show your Testimonials and Reviews

Like it or not, we have herd mentality. And the way that we start trusting a product or service before handing over our hard earned dollars, is to see if others have had a good experience with it. Ask some of your happy customers for a brief testimonial about their experience with you and for permission to use it on your website. If you currently have reviews on a site like Yelp, copy over the best ones and place in a visible space on your website. Remember, if you do this you must link back to Yelp.

2 – Increase your Speed

Once people find your website, are they staying, or are they giving up because your site loads too slowly?
*For every second delay in page response, there is a 7% decrease in conversion rate.
Do a speed test by using a tool like GTmetrix. If your site is getting a poor grade, then work to speed it up. One common reason for slow load times are large images. See Adam’s post “The Importance of Optimizing your Web’s Images” for some tips on resizing your images for better site speed. Need more help? Give us a call!

3 – Make it EASY for the user to become a customer

When someone lands on your website, what actions do they need to take to become a lead for you? Make a phone call? Fill out a form? Don’t hide this important information only on the “Contact Us” page. Especially if you have a service business. That phone number should be front and center and CLICKABLE for mobile users.

4- Cut the jargon

Remember who your customer is. If you throw around too many industry terms, they may not know that you are what they are looking for. Make it easy and speak their language.  If you’re too deep in your business and aren’t sure of the “layman’s” terms anymore, ask a current customer or a friend. How would they describe your business? If they were looking for your service, what would they search for and what would they want to know up front? Which brings us to …

5- Give them what they are looking for

People use search engines when they need to solve a problem. What problem are you solving? Put it right upfront so that users know that you can solve it and how. If your business is one that people price shop, like a gym or cleaning service, consider putting your rates on your website. Even if your rates can vary, giving people an idea of cost can really work in your favor instead of sending your potential customers to a competitor that does post their rates.


What else? Have you discovered any useful conversion tactics that you use on your website? Tell us in the comments below!


*source: Neil Patel’s blog on Quick Sprout. 
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