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Alright listen up all you interns and other web learners because I am about to drop a truth bomb.  Fact is that many people are internet illiterate.  Now, being the benevolent and strikingly handsome writer that I am, I have decided to begin the education of these “illiternet” (that’s illiterate and internet combined into one awesome word) people with part 1 of my guide to web marketing vocab.  This will be the basics of the basics, but is a very important foundation for anyone looking to understand all the technical web jargon that marketers throw around.

Well start with something easy: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I chose SEO for a very specific reason: Google is the single most powerful tool ever created.  Imagine the power at your fingertips to find whatever you want whenever you want it.  SEO is the practice of leveraging this power and getting your company name to the top of Google (or bing/yahoo!/other search engine).  With Google getting smarter by the day, web marketers have to be on top of a few things to keep rankings high.  For starters Google looks at the number of outside websites linking to your site, how keyword rich your text is (but don’t over-do it, this is not your sister-in-law’s wedding), and what kind of content you have been generating.  However, there is a lot more to it than that.  If you hire an SEO firm and they do not ask to see your code, you have been ripped off.  Googlebot reads your code and looks through your site from a very technical point of view.  You have to make sure that the HTML, CSS and other coding styles are all optimized for the search engine.  Keep this in mind when looking to improve SEO on your site as it is completely essential.

Next up: Social Media

Now I am sure many of you are at least slightly familiar with social media.  However, I notice that many people see social media as just social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) when it is actually much more.  It is easy to get locked in to seeing just those two sites since they are the giants, but we here at cMedia like to look at the big picture.  Social Media is anything and everything where people can share anything they want with complete strangers.  Some people are reserved and share only certain parts, others pour their hearts out to the camera:

I got a censored version for those of you at work.  You’re welcome.

Anyway, the point of this is to show that there is a lot more to social media than just social networking.   But you, as an intern/manager/intelligent person (I know this because you are reading my blog) should use it to enhance your reputation, not utterly demolish it.  Back on topic, keep your eye on not just Facebook/Twitter/Youtube, but start utilizing the “distraction engines” as I call them.,, Stumbleupon, the list goes on and on.  And if you really want to be educated in social media and the opportunities it offers start reading the blogs over at Hey its social media about social media so you know its trustworthy.

While this seems so basic now, it is an important foundation to have for future posts that will go more into depth with the nitty gritty of social media and SEO.  I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson and I hope to see you all for the next edition of my totally awesome super-blog.  Oh, and leave Britney alone!!