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I had the pleasure of speaking at the UW American Marketing Association last night.  Big thanks to the group for having me out and for all the great ideas.

Out of all the creativity, conversation and feedback that the students gave me, I took away one main point: While Universities are doing a fantastic job of teaching the students how to think with a marketing mindset, they aren’t doing a very good job of equipping the students with the tools to then EXECUTE their ideas.

Any investor will tell an Entrepreneur there isn’t any value in an idea…the true value lies in the ability to execute that idea and to make it real.  This is why you don’t find websites that buy & sell ideas.

From my perspective, potential employers already have ideas and they need great marketing people to help execute them.  This is where the job potential lies for new graduates.  Help me execute my ideas, then come up with new ideas to make mine even better and execute those as well.

If you know a wealth of tools and can contribute to marketing execution on Day 1, you’ll find it infinitely easier to find work and you will command a much higher salary.

The slideshare presentation below includes my slides of tools I feel marketing students should be learning and the places you can go to to teach yourself.

Hope this helps!  Find me @abroetje if you have any questions.


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