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We all know how important it is to support your local businesses. (you DO know that right?!)
And Shop Small Business Saturday this weekend is the perfect time to dedicate some of those holiday dollars to your local businesses.
How can you support small/local businesses this holiday season?
Here are a few ways that you can that go beyond shopping…

How to Support Businesses this Small Business Saturday

1. Shop

I said “beyond shopping” not “excluding shopping”.
Ok, obviously giving a business YOUR business is the best thing you can do. Are there things you need for yourself? What about your family?
We are so custom to searching and shopping online, that we sometimes forgo the in-person experience for the sake of convenience.
Saturday, go out. See some holiday lights. Walk down your cities “main street” and shop several local businesses. Make a fun day of it!

shop small saturday

2. Leave Reviews

We may sound a bit like a broken record, but the value of reviews just can’t be overstated. Think about small business whom you frequent. Have you left them a review yet? Search for them on Google and leave a review. It will mean a lot!
shop small Saturday glass of beer
For example, have you reviewed your favorite bar yet?

3. Tell your friends

Have you had a good experience at a local business lately? Talk about it! According to this car dealership marketing agency, reviews are great for letting people outside your network know how you feel about a business, but what about your friends and family?
Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Home single-handedly saved Flanders’ business just by telling all the left-handed people he knew about it?

4. Support your friend’s and family’s businesses

Do you know any small business owners personally? Not all business owners are good at asking friends and family for business or referrals, actually, I’ll go so far as to say they’re terrible at it! If you know anyone who runs their own business, buy their goods. Use their service. Keep them in mind to refer out to others whom may need their services in the future.
small business saturday
It feels good to help people you care about!
Not sure where to start?
Find a small business near you!
What other ways can you think to support local and small businesses?
Have a great Small Business Saturday and holiday weekend! From the Odd Dogs.
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