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It’s also National “Adopt a Dog” month and we have something VERY special planned this month.
Stay tuned!

national dog month


• Google adds new ‘family-led’ attribute to Google My Business profile 
The new “family-led” attribute will allow business owners to identify their business as a business that is run by a family.
What do you think? Would your business be able to use this attribute? Would you think differently about a business that was family-led vs. not?


• Image alt text: What it is, how to write it, and why it matters to SEO
If you are managing your own website or at least uploading photos, this is a great refresher post all about alt tags, and what you need to be using them.


• Instagram Feed vs. Instagram Stories: Which is best?
Have you tried using Instagram stories for your business? How does it compare to the images you post in your feed?
AdEspresso did a great experiment of both post types. Check it!
Instagram stories vs feed
• Top Facebook updates you can’t afford to miss – September 2018 edition
Facebook is always rolling out updates to its platform. One update that just rolled out we’re pretty excited about though. Admins can now pixel their groups!  From AdEspresso, admins of groups with over 250 members will “be able to track their groups with the help of a pixel and see information on user growth, in-group activity, and engagement with their websites.
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