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This is Pantz.

Tell us you favorite “Pantz” commands on Twitter @odddogmedia #pantz. #Pantz Down! #Pantz off!

Odd Dog Media Dog Pantz
Pantz the Goldendoodle Odd Dog

Adam is the proud new owner of this little gem with teeth. He is an 8 week old Goldendoodle, and in true Odd Dog Spirit his name is Pantz. We’ve also determined he has an Australian accent, mostly to annoy Chris the Kiwi when we talk to Pantz in our ‘Australian’ accents.
Pantz the Australian Goldendoodle
Pantz looking cute

If pants could talk he would say “Oy hey mate. My name is Pantz. I like nappin’ and putting shrimp on the barbie. I also like plastic office chairs and Annie’s leather boots – they’re mighty tasty, mate. I’m also part Dingo. Adam’s me dad. Now take a look at this next photo. It’ll melt ya heart.”
Sleepy Pantz
Sleepy Pantz


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