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Social media can be a beast to manage but in this day and age, impossible to ignore. Whether you are B2B or B2C business, it’s important to leverage your social media channels to increase your leads. 

Here are ten ways you can help convert more social followers and interactions into leads:

  1. Use social media as a CRM 
  2. Be helpful and answer questions
  3. Make those call-to-action buttons pop!
  4. Create mobile-responsive and easy to navigate landing pages 
  5. Opt-ins and gated content 
  6. Advertising with Lead Ads 
  7. Personalize wherever possible
  8. Show up where your customers are
  9. Run a contest  
  10. Retarget warm traffic


1. Use social media as a CRM

Use your social media channels as an extension of your customer relationship management system. Make sure you are checking all of your social inboxes, comments on posts, and chats in messenger. No matter the social channel your company is using, all of them are another touchpoint for potential customers to contact you. 

Be sure you are checking your messages on all accounts regularly and make your contact information stupidly easy to find. If you’re being overwhelmed by messages or simply don’t have the time to do this, you may be able to sync your marketing automation platform (i.e. HubSpot) to craft auto-responses to your most popular questions. This can help save you a ton of time while allowing you to stay in communication with your customers. 


2. Be helpful and answer questions

In addition to monitoring and responding to your social inboxes, try to be as helpful as possible. Are you seeing a lot of the same questions being asked privately? Create a public post to help address the common questions people have. Are people asking questions on your posts? Answer them. Many marketing managers and social media managers make the big mistake of posting and forgetting. Social media is a two-way conversation. Keep it that way and encourage interactions wherever you can.


3. Make those call-to-action buttons pop!

Depending on the social channel, you can customize your calls to action. Make sure you are utilizing the best for each channel you use. For example, Facebook allows you to choose from several different calls to action to include in your profile. You can have someone message your business through your page, book an appointment, or even make a phone call right from within your Facebook profile.
We have a simple booking system connected to ours, as we want to allow our leads to schedule time with us so we can learn more about their business and how we can help. 

social media for marketing managers

4. Create mobile-responsive and easy to navigate landing pages. 

When you do share links on your social platforms to pages on your website, like to a blog post, product, service, or landing page, make sure those pages are mobile responsive and very easy to navigate. Most social media is consumed from our mobile devices, and if clicking on this link is someone’s first interaction with your brand and website, make sure it stands out and is a good experience. 


5. Opt-ins or promote gated content. 

Create something your customers want: Webinars, Case studies, eGuides, etc. and offer it in exchange for key items that allow you to qualify the leads you are generating. We typically recommend collecting information like name, email, job title, company name and size to help determine the quality of leads. Make sure that what you are offering really adds value and is worth an exchange of this type of information.


6. Advertising with Lead Ads 

Taking the gated content concept a step further, you can advertise your offer with Lead Ads. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all have their own versions of a lead ad campaign. A lead ad campaign has the goal to collect emails or leads while allowing the user to stay on that native platform. Social media networks like this type of advertising because it keeps people on their platforms vs sending people to an external website or landing page. We see posts with links to an outside website tend to have a lower organic reach, which is why leads ads can be so powerful. These ads are also meant to make it easier on the user filling out their info in a fast and efficient way. 

Some tips to run a successful lead ad campaign:

  • Only ask for the minimum information – email and first name is usually enough 
  • Target, target, target! Utilize the powerful audience targeting at your fingertips. Make sure you are only showing your ads to your ideal customers.
  • Offer something that your ideal customer really wants – some great options include,  deals and offers, sweepstakes and contests, product samples, attend an event, pre-order products, download studies and whitepapers. 


7. Personalize wherever possible

According to LinkedIn, ads that directly address someone have a 19% higher click-through rate and 53% higher conversion rate than ads that don’t. Personalization can come through in paid ads on LinkedIn, Facebook messenger, and in detailed targeting.
Always speak to your audience whether through an organic post or paid ad campaign. Keep mind the real people who will be reading your words, seeing your images, and watching your videos. Having someone personal in mind helps a great deal when drafting copy you are going to be putting out there. Make sure that you are finding ways to connect and not just promoting your products and services every single time. 

What, you don’t like being sold to all of the time? 

Guess what, neither does your audience. 

Keep them in mind when you are creating your content, and use their name every chance you get in responses and throughout your sales funnel. 


8. Show up where your customers are

It’s 2020, do you know where your customers are? While Facebook is still the major social network based on the number of users, you may have more of your customers on LinkedIn over Facebook. Or what about Instagram? YouTube?  

Depending on who you want to reach truly determines where you will be reaching them. Below is an example of how different the usage of the platform is when you compare one segment vs all users. Knowing the age range, gender, and online patterns, can help a great deal in determined where your company should be showing up online. 

Stats source. 
Social media graphic


9. Run a contest

If it’s right for your business, contests can be a great way to increase your leads. Some contest examples:

  • Like and share a post 
  • Giveaway a free product or service
  • Photo or caption contest

Even the contests where you are not collecting information, like a photo contest, you are still increasing engagement and eyes on that post, which can all be retargeted later. 

A fun example of a contest we ran was our Puppy Campaign a few years ago. We ran a contest for local businesses (which is our target audience) to win a day of puppies in their office. By partnering with BravePup, we were not only able to bring adorable puppies to the lucky winners of our contest, but we also connected with hundreds of businesses in the area whom we wouldn’t have before! And the cherry on top, all puppies that were brought to the winning officer were all adopted. How’s that for a win-win-win?  (see more contest examples here)

10. Retarget warm traffic 

Which brings us to retargeting! Retargeting has to be one of our favorite methods to increase your leads. Retargeting allows you to get in front of people who have already engaged with your company and are further down your sales funnel or their buying cycle. 

Website retargeting:
Hopefully, you already have the Facebook tracking pixel installed on your website, if not. Stop, Drop, and Install! 

Ace Ventura gif

Depending on the amount of web traffic you get you may be able to not only retarget all visitors to your website but specific pages. This can be especially beneficial if you want to promote a specific product or service and have content created around them that you can promote. 


Social actions retargeting: 
You can retarget people who have interacted with a post of yours, your Facebook or Instagram profiles, watched up to 50% of a video you’ve posted, or even used your app. 


Which one of these actions can you implement today? 

Need a hand? Drop us a line and we would be happy to review your social media accounts for you and give you some action items!



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