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Last Wednesday, Google released a concept video for Project Glass, Augmented-Reality eye-ware that incorporates Google services like maps, weather, photo sharing and check-ins into a location-aware heads-up-display (HUD).Man wearing Google Project Glass eye-ware

In the quickly parodied video, we see a young New Yorker using his Glass eye-ware with voice commands to meet his friend at a bookstore, order tickets to an upcoming concert, and serenade his sweetheart from the rooftop of a high rise. Google wants you to see how wearing a completely not conspicuous piece of eye ware and babbling commands to yourself can fit seamlessly your everyday activities.

What are the implications? If the glasses perform as conceptualized, Google will have created a technology more localized and context-aware than current mobile devices. The implications for targeted advertising are huge, as visual messaging (billboards, signage, special offers) could be displayed on an individual basis. In the social realm, imagine tracking friends’ nearby activities, or seeing your drinking mate’s beer suggestion appear as you enter his favorite pub.

If Project Glass becomes a reality, Google and its services will be intimately connected to almost every facet of our waking lives.  At least at the end of the day, we could take off the glasses, close our eyes, and rest in the solace of a deep, Google-free sleep.

Hmm…Project Dreamscape, anyone?

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