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It’s November already and it’s time to start thinking about your holiday plan if you haven’t already! This includes holiday hours, staffing, promotions, and any additional ad spend that you may be putting out there.
Here’s a quick rundown on how you can get your business ready for the holidays this year.


What is this time of year look like for your business? If you are a retailer, it may be a busy time for you and you are focused on new sales. If you are a law firm, it may be quieter this time of year and it may be a good time to focus on nurturing old leads and relationship building


Small Business Saturday® started by American Express, takes place on November 25th this year. Learn more and see how you can promote your business and get involved in this free movement.
Small Business Saturday® 


This is the time of year to give thanks, after all. Reach out to your past or current customers with a special holiday greeting. You can include a special offer for past customers only, or just a simple “we appreciate you and happy holidays” greeting. Choose what’s right for you and your business, but everyone loves to feel appreciated.


Update your holiday hours on your Google My Business Page. If you are closed or have shortened hours on any of the upcoming holiday’s dates, make sure to update them on your GMB page. Also, confirm the holiday schedule with your staff. Make sure any time off is covered and busy hours have enough backup support.


• Google AdWords
If you are running AdWords get your campaigns prepped for the holiday season.
Some tips from Google to really capture those holiday shoppers:
Double down on mobile shoppers
More and more people are shopping from their mobile devices- capture their attention by focusing more on the mobile feed.
Review your bids based on your conversion rates
Why: Real-time query-level bid adjustments with eCPC results in an average 9.5% increase in conversion rates.3 Implementing product group bid Opportunities also drives an average 3.5% lift in conversions without increasing cost.4
Make sure you have your ad extensions set to reflect your location to let shoppers near you know that you have what they are looking for in-stock.
• Facebook Ads
Think about running a few Facebook campaigns during the holiday season.
This can include:
• Driving in-store sales by running a special promotion
• Building your email list by running a contest or giveaway
• Directly sell your products or services with a gift angle

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