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Well, we can all now relate to that feeling your dog gets after it hasn’t been out for a walk in a week.  

Here at Odd Dog, we’re all working from home and the adjustment has been “ruff” at times. (too early in a post for a pun?)  But we’re making it work. I mean, look at this team in action!

Odd Dog's video conference meeting during COVID-19 outbreak

We know working from home has its own set of challenges and we’re committed to making our time as efficient (and fun) as possible! Just like we would in the office. Here are a few things our team is doing to cope that we thought we’d share.  


Adam Broetje at Odd Dog Media

Adam: I filled a small spray bottle with 90% Isopropyl, 10% Witch Hazel and a few drops of essential oils.  We put them around the office and I carry one with me everywhere, constantly spraying and sanitizing anything I come in contact with or that looks like a coronavirus.  Bonus: It’s also great for spraying into stinky ski boots. 


Kimberly Scholten at Odd Dog MediaKimberly: I took the time to learn something that I always wished I knew how to do – I memorized the algorithm to solve a Rubik’s cube. (I have my solve time down to under 7 minutes.) 


On a work note, I’ve enjoyed how this situation has caused me to think outside of the box for my clients that deal with in-person services. My clients are getting more virtually creative and so am I!


Hailey Vasquez at Odd Dog Media

Hailey: To make sure I don’t go too stir crazy, I’ve been walking around my neighborhood for at least 30 minutes each day and working from my backyard as much as possible. I have also picked out a few recipes that are normally too time-consuming or daunting that I’ll be testing out this week! Once things have settled down, I have a list of online courses that I’ll be starting to keep my brain occupied in the evenings. Many Ivy League schools have some fantastic online courses that you can take for free to sharpen your skills or learn something new. 


David at Odd Dog Media

David: Contrary to everyone else, I’ve been enjoying the time at home and just relaxing. My schedule is usually go go go so having some downtime is much needed for the moment. Ask me again in about a week and it’ll likely be a different story. I’m also planning on building out a campervan so I continue to plan out the electrical plans, flooring, and design for the project which keeps me occupied.


John Broetje at Odd Dog Media

John: I’ve been watching reruns of past Master Golf Tournaments just to drive myself a little more crazy! I’ve found that also getting up and going through my normal routine: taking Yogi and now Bode on a walk, showering, properly getting dressed, ya know, in like real clothes. I also put Bailey’s in my coffee in the morning now, helps take the edge off.



Danielle at Odd Dog Media

Danielle: To distract from the depressing nature of our situation, I start work a little earlier than normal and have been taking more small breaks throughout the day. I’m taking time to draw, paint, and play the ukulele! I’m also taking one to two yoga breaks as well, which has helped me stay focused and more positive.   Our team has also been sharing their work set-up on our company’s Slack channel, which helps us not feel so alone. 


Sondre at Odd Dog Media

Sondre: I have taken the opportunity to give my puppy more attention during the day and get in some more rehab exercises after his recent elbow surgery. Establishing some basic routines has also helped maintain my sanity – I am waking up early to make sure I have a neat and clean working environment for the day, meditating, and exercising in the afternoon. I have also allowed myself to eat deliciously trashy junk food – because why not at this point? Hopefully, I haven’t picked up smoking by the end of this.

Talia Zook at Odd Dog Media

Talia: Since I normally walk to work, I’ve been spending a couple days a week working in the empty Odd Dog office — the change of scenery definitely helps with the stir-craziness. Plus, it means someone is holdin’ down the fort!

When I’m working at my makeshift home office, I’ve been taking frequent breaks for exercise or hobbies to stay motivated. I’ve also been calling my friends and family pretty often not just to check up on them, but to get my social-interaction fix for the day as well. Oh, and I heard there’s a browser extension that lets you watch Netflix movies with friends virtually … I haven’t tried it yet, but check out and let us know how it goes!


Emma Elder at Odd Dog Media

Emma: To stave off the crazy, I’ve been going on longer runs and doing some watercolor painting in the evening. I’ve also started an online course from UPenn about intellectual property and the internet (I found it from the same link Hailey posted above, as a matter of fact. I would highly recommend!)  


Holly Ray at Odd Dog Media

Holly: None of my team members above said booze? As our resident bartender and designer, I have to add this one in here. It’s that time! Take stock of what you already have in the cabinets and don’t be afraid to get creative with the ingredients. I recommend keeping some Sprite on hand, as it adds well to any drink and soothes the stomach if needed … so all around just makes sense for these current times!

I also have been trying to do more at-home meditation and yoga using the Headspace app. It’s helped to shake off the stress and is a great way to transition into doing something else at home after working from home all day!


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