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Let’s face it starting to plan for a social media campaign can really suck. The sheer volume of inter-person contact that is going on right now is staggering. But now, it is even more important with the update to Google Panda putting more emphasis on social factors in search rankings. So how do you identify the correct channels, refine your message and shine through the chatter? The task is daunting but with proper planning, timing, a good idea and (let’s face it) a bit of luck you will be at the front of the pack.

The Bird’s Eye

Ok starting from the start, you will need to take a look at things from a very top-level view. At this point you should be focusing on the very broad pieces of your campaign.

    • Define Goals


      • Make sure your goals use clear metrics. Having a goal like “I want to increase Twitter follower numbers” simply is not going to cut it here. If you set that goal, then as long as you get 1 follower you have achieved it. Aim for something specific like increasing traffic to your blog by 25% or an increase of 10 million followers in a week…

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style06″] Having a goal like “I want to increase Twitter follower numbers” simply is not going to cut it [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

      • Oh yea, and make them attainable too. 10 million in a week is a bit much.


    • Know your Readers


      • We know that it seems basic but it is incredible how often this step is overlooked. As an up and coming Social Media-ist you must be aware of who you are speaking to. Some things you will want to know about your audience are: age, gender, interests, life views and opinions, and what else they read. Knowledge of your follower base is essential to tailoring your message, which is the cornerstone of your campaign.


    • Identify Channels


    • Once you know your audience and have your goals set, you can start identifying the proper Social Media channels to pursue. Facebook is great, but it is not the best choice in every situation. The same goes for every piece of social strategy. It is important to figure out where your desired reader/follower base spends most of their time, whether it be on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or any other social channel. Knowing this will give you a feel for where to find your readers as well as what messages will work well with them.


Part 2: Content Planning is coming out tomorrow! (Aug 12th)