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October is national Adopt a Dog month!
As you may have guessed by our name or followed us at all on social media, we’re dog people.
And this month we would love to help find forever homes for dogs who need them.
American Humane established Adopt-A-Dog Month® in October 1981 as an annual event to encourage people to save lives and enhance their own lives by adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group.
Throughout this month, we will be sharing stories and tips on ways you can help support our four-legged friends.

Here’s how you can help in Adopt a Dog Month:

Adopt a dog!

If you’ve never thought about getting a dog, let us help make a case for adding one to your family:
Owning a dog can:
– Make you healthier by getting you out walking more and decreasing your stress levels.
– Improve your social life. Who knows who you may meet at a local dog park or out for a walk! Owning a dog is the easiest icebreaker there is.
– Help you feel safer. Dogs can help protect you and your home. Most dogs are naturally defensive and can be a warning system for intruders
– Fight off depression. Dogs help you feel happier and healthier by increasing your feel-good hormone, serotonin, in your brain.
You can search PetFinder for your perfect companion or try some of the pet rescues and shelters listed below!
If you can’t adopt a dog this month, we forgive you. There are many other ways you can help!


Foster a dog

If you can’t take in a dog or another dog full-time, becoming a foster parent can help in a major way. Allowing these pups to stay with you can have the attention and love they need will make the transition to their new home that much easier.
Here are some Seattle area shelters/rescues where you can apply to foster a dog:
Seattle Animal Shelter
Forgotten Dogs Rescue
With the Hurricane Harvey and Irma, many local shelters are trying to find homes for dogs from out of state as well. So the need for good, loving homes is very high right now. 



Do you have a skill? Do you take photos, know website development, graphic design, or even just have an hour or so available once a week?
Shelters are always looking for volunteers for a variety of tasks.
Here are a few local orginizations and a link to their volunteer pages:
Seattle Humane 
Northwest Boxer Rescue
Bullseye Dog Rescue
Old Dog Haven

Not sure where the best fit would be? Try Volunteer Match and search by interests, time, and skill that you want to volunteer.

adopt a dog month
Dogs help increase productivity. True story.


Not just money, but food and supplies are often needed. Many shelters and animal rescues have Amazon Wishlists that make donating exactlay what the current needs are so easy:
Forgotten Dogs Rescue  – Amazon Wishlist
PAWS – Amazon Wishlist
Old Dog Haven – Wishlist (on site)
Or you can make a direct financial donation at the non-profit of your choice. Don’t forget to save your recepits so you can write off your donation come tax time.


Share posts of dogs needing homes

Like a few shelters and non-profits trying to find homes for dogs in need on Facebook and when you see them post about pets looking for homes, share those posts with your friends. Help speed the word!
Here are a few to get you started!
Northwest Boxer Rescue 
Forgotten Dogs Rescue
PAWS Washinton
Dog Gone Seattle



Buy the stuff you normally buy, but make the proceeds go to your local shelter or non-profit with Amazon Smile.
Just go to to shop on Amazon. You can change the charity that you donate to by going to your account ->Your Amazon Smile -> Change Charity.
adopt a dog month

Stay tuned for more adoption stories and dog fun!

Do you have any other adoption orginizations we should add? Let us know below!