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Google Review Updates!

Ok, its not actually that exciting, more of an update really. We previously talked about the importance of online reviews and how it can drastically improve the number of leads coming to your business each month. Well today I want to go through some updates from Google when it comes to reviews.

Google has this thing we like to call “Gold Stars”. Remember back in elementary school when you would work hard drawing, make new friends, contain your excitement for recess and occasionally take tests in class? And if you did well on those tests, you’d get a star! We would all work hard to be awarded with a simple pat on our back and some fancy bling on a chart hanging from the wall after achieving an exceptional test grade. Well, Google has implemented something similar except this time the rewards are much better than some fancy bling. Google previously set the standard of obtaining at least 5 reviews before your business would achieve the gold stars on your Google local profile. Getting a single review for a business was hard enough, let alone 5, but that was the standard. Was is the keyword here.


Google Review Updates


Recently, we’ve been noticing businesses with less than five reviews getting the gold star standard. Sometimes even just a single review is showing with the gold stars. Preposterous! What about all the hard work businesses have done to achieve those five stars!? All in all, we’re not actually mad about it. We enjoy seeing businesses succeed and if part of that success is achieved by achieving those gold stars then so be it. We still feel that consumers are going to take their time looking through and reading reviews so we don’t think it’ll be a game changer, just simply something to take note of.


Google Review Updates


What’s going to be more important than ever, is local SEO. Without the ability to have your business visually stand out online via Google, it’s going to be even more prominent to have your local seo in check so customers can see your business before a they go down the rabbit hole of another businesses reviews.