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The need for a deep understanding of analytics and overall SEO strategy is more necessary than ever. Google recently announced updates to its local search algorithm through Barry Schwartz, news editor at Search Engine Land.  Some are referring to this update as the, “Pigeon update.” Google stated that these changes are bringing local SEO more, “in line with traditional ranking signals.” What does this mean for Local SEO? Simply stated, local SEO will require a deeper look into companies overall web strategies. There is no magic switch!

Search Engine Optimization as a whole is becoming less about minor tweaks one can make to code and more about overall digital marketing strategy. As Google’s systems become more advanced through machine learning and updated algorithms, their systems are starting to be able to match their intent: relevant and easily usable information, free of spam. Quick, though dirty, increases to your search rankings were once possible. One would use spam services to post links back to your site in comment fields and other locations around the web. This increase in links to your site increased your rankings. Google has worked tirelessly to create algorithms that negate or even penalize this type of spammy behavior. Moz does a great job at keeping these algorithm changes and updates neatly organized.

The inclusion of the local search algorithm into this bigger picture is not a surprising move. It is however one to be aware of should your local rankings change! Having a partner who is fully versed in tracking these changes and ensuring sustained search success has never been more important.

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