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weather channel screen shotClimate change is all over the news.  Even the weather channel had a creative way to voice a message on it.  We won’t bore you with our commentary about the problems, but rather wanted to focus on some solutions that businesses can implement.

Let’s just say that we agree with the Terminator (and science) that renewable energy sources are the future; they are good for the climate, good for American innovation and good for our economy.

So what can our businesses do to help? 

A year ago we did a bunch of research into how Odd Dog could reduce our carbon footprint and found a number of incredibly simple ways to have an impact. We felt this is as good a time as any to share.

Here are 6 simple things your business can do TODAY to make a difference:

odd dog media green upSign up for your Utility’s Green Energy Programs
Seattle City Light has a “Green Up” program for businesses that is a cheap way to support renewable energy development in Washington State.  You can find green energy programs for other state utilities here.  Odd Dog signed up for the Green Up program a year ago and our utility bill increased an average of $20-25 per month for an 1800sq ft office in an older building.

You could also offer to cover the Green Up costs for your employees at their homes as an employee perk.​

Carbon Offset Programs
We can’t fully eliminate the carbon we emit as most of us still have gasoline vehicles, but you can purchase Carbon Offset credits to offset the impact of your employees.  The average US person has an annual carbon footprint of 20 Metric Tons.  Carbon offsets range between $10 and $20 per metric ton, so you can offset your average employee for $200-$400 per year per employee.  Be sure to only go with Carbon Offset programs that are Green-e Certified, you can find a list here.

Electric Fleet Cars
Not only do electric cars have lower emissions, but they can save your business on fuel costs, maintenance.  Consider going for Hybrid or Electric cars for any future business vehicle purchases.  Leases start around $180/mo for electric vehicles. Consider using the vehicle for advertising, using this How To guide on wrapping a car.

Replace your lightbulbs with LED’s
This sound simple, but how many of you have actually looked around your office for every lightbulb to see if it is in fact LED?  Go to Costco or Amazon, get a big pack of LED bulbs and make a point to replace them throughout your office.

Check your heater / AC timer settings
Most offices would be fine lowering the heat by a degree or two during the day and we often forget to adjust the auto-settings after daylight savings.

Turn off the Lights!
Ever looked at the high rise buildings in Seattle at night and wonder if there are actually people in all the rooms with lights on?  Turn them off when you close up or put them on timers.

Given the current political climate, it may be that the best way for us to vote for cleaner energy in the foreseeable future is with our wallets.

If you decide to implement any of these at your office, be sure to share with us @odddogmedia as we’d love to hear about it!

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