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Howdy Odd Dog Blog readers!
This week we have some fun, and not-so-fun updates. It’s all about balance, right?
Google changes the reach of GMB posts… again why search queries don’t match up


3 reasons why Google My Business search queries don’t match Search Console
If you are looking to the Search Console to see what quires your website is being found for, then cross-checking those results with your Google My Business Analytics, you may be pulling out your hair. We get it!
This post from Search Engine Land helps explain why you may be seeing those differences.
google newsGoogle reduced post visibility but now also showing them in Google Maps
Come on Google. What is happening with Posts?! Do you want us to use them or not?
Now they’ve reduced post visibility in search but are adding them to Google Maps results.
Google rolling out Assistant Duplex test to four cities this month
What exactly is Assistant Duplex you ask? Great question! Mike Blumenthal breaks it down for us, “At Google I/O a preview of Google’s Assistant Duplex, Google’s AI based human sounding digital assistant that can auto create reservations, set off a maelstrom of both interest and criticism.
So, it’s an AI Assistant… OK? Currently being tested in select cities. Stay tuned!


Facebook pages can now join Facebook groups
This is a great feature for personal brands, public figures, and non-profits who want to engage with groups as their company, not as an individual.
Facebook purges 800 political spam pages, accounts from its platform
Yes, it’s that time of year again. Political ads are everywhere. Facebook is taking extra precautions to make sure that ads that you see are from verified accounts to help combat false ads and misleading information.